The dive bars of Ragged Beauty of America are being celebrated

Of the many things we have (temporarily) lost to the COVID-19 epidemic, the most memorable missed are the deep nights at the local bar, if you are a Knockhead of Florida, Texas, Arizona, Georgia or California While traveling, personal and public safety can be blamed. Responsible Americans who are soaked for a favorite and time-honored occasion to be out until the very early hours of the morning with a beer or cocktail, a bloody nose, empty pockets have come close to that experience – and in the process, sympathize with the stupid fools who call their favorite bar home. .

One of the best of the year, the Bill & Turner Ross feature (premiering July 10 in the virtual movie) is a fancy documentary-fiction hybrid set up in and around Rowing 20, after the final shining-glorious closing of a beverage company establishment on the outskirts of the Las Vegas Strip. . In reality, though, the on-screen bar is a New Orleans joint of the same name, chosen by filmmakers as stand-in and crowded by patrons who have made their versions mostly in unfinished situations. It is a unique formal gambit designed to convey a diverse array of specific environments and personalities and it works seamlessly and moving, capturing a mix of exuberance, nausea, regret, self-pity and community where it defines a dive where the corners are dark, Yes, the music is constant and the buzz is cheap and plentiful.

It has an opal grace for the roaring 20s, its old swivel chairs, its ornamental photographs and the glittering light and sinking eyes, and the lined view of men and women entering the male court, it also gives a healthy dose of sunlight during the day. The bloody nose, an instinct for the mood of empty pockets, is swayed by the cinematography that travels down the row of spectacles behind the bar, shaking and dancing, and it revolves around its restless subjects and ering or dance on their faces or on their shoulders. Like a relative foolish soul. The managers’ vision is an inherent one, a confident friend and it draws viewers to this hunt as it goes through 24 hours of early drinking cycles, in the morning traffic news, watching afternoon beers at risk, while enjoying nights where love and camraderie pragas sp e. Combined with the call.

Central to the story is Michael Martin, a gray-haired former actor who shaves in the Rowing 20s, sleeping on the back sofa and serving as a tired MC for multi-generational regulars. “I am proud of not being an alcoholic until I have already failed. Because alcoholic failure is annoying. And I ruined my life and then I came to you, “he declares. The stench of frustration and despair comes out of his nostrils and later when he says,” Success is not something you are responsible for. Success may or may not happen, largely because of the forces out of your control, “the resignation is bone-deep. A worldview described by his frustrated self-pity and acknowledgment of the tragic situation.

Bloody nose, empty pockets are not hard to take Madeline’s announcements. Military employee Bruce Hadnott lamented the disgusting behavior he did at the end of his duty tour and claimed that the bar was where he felt like family (“I’m fit here”). By noon, Bruce could barely pronounce the word, “looking at a hip but few know” without making some “words” sound like “fruit.” Many more beloved myelocoli characters soon express themselves sharply, moments saying: Gregory’s day-time bartender Mark, effective with guitar; The night-drinker Shy serves as a chicken to his clients, as does his player, the son of a criminal teenager; The tattooed musician Pete tries to evoke the style in a stylish way; And there’s no point in pulling her shirt up to get a review of her .0-year-old breasts on the detached palm.

These and other figures take temporary shelter in the warm, soothing spotlights of bloody noses, empty pockets, each of them showing tired and stingy by life and the extra vigilance that they spend most of their time awake. Roses embellish their sudden chaotic action with point jukebox tunes and TV movies (notably, 1961’s Misfit) without ruining the point. The nearest film is easily too late to pronounce a point, when Michael tells Pitt, “You still need to get out of here while you’re still a musician,” lest he himself jump in like a 58-year-old Michael who shows 70 and his current existence nowhere else. For his acting has given up ambition. Michael realized that it was incomprehensible to get together and own it, a trap of the roaring 20s (and countless places like that), a stylish playful guy who divorces people from themselves and their future oc

“The story of the film expresses concern about the last-ditch bash, only to give it an elixir air, celebrating equal parts and mourning …”

Bloody nose, empty pockets Recognizes this basic truth about his milieu and yet it expresses his beating, unprecedented attractive attitude, as well as sympathy for the heavy drinkers (and drug users) who are naturally attracted to it. Like any good hole in the wall, the roaring invites 20 at once in a rundown, helter-skelter mode – all string lights, stupid signs, dirty floors and old nicknames (like the carousel music box on the top shelf) – and a little more sad than sad, sad Hanging desperately for life. The story of the film that bothers the end-rush bash only makes it an elastic wind, an equal part of celebration and mourning, like a rising sun towards the Heralds at the end of an era, if not for Michael and his organization, at least for the insidious installation on which they Depends on long-term friendships, connections and support.

When the bloody nose ends during the Governing 20s, empty pockets – its immediate past becomes immortal in the disposable-camera photographs shown during the film’s final credits – not the stories of its patrons. Appropriately, the Rose Gem has no big story conclusion, the night (or dawn) sightings of the Haggard people who died in search of a new boogie house where similar people could share their sorrows, hopes and dreams as well. If you see them one evening, don’t hesitate to buy them in one go.


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