/The court said there was sufficient evidence to support the trial of Jaden Murray in the Gold Coast verandah murder case.

The court said there was sufficient evidence to support the trial of Jaden Murray in the Gold Coast verandah murder case.

A police prosecutor at a criminal trial for murder has said there is “enough evidence” to send someone to trial eight years after his death for allegedly throwing his girlfriend from high-rise on the Gold Coast to trial.

Zidane Muria (4den), who was accused of killing Gold Coast Titans cheerleader Brianna Robinson, fell from the 11th floor of an apartment tower in Southport in 2013.

Her death was initially dismissed as a suicide in 2013 before the police investigation was reopened.

Mr Murray is facing a two-week committee hearing in Southport Magistrate’s Court.

The court heard on Friday that a biomechanical report prepared by Dr. Zakaria Cooper, considered the original evidence, needed to be reconsidered on the basis of new information.

Jaden Murray (right) begins hearing a compromise on the death of his cheerleader girlfriend in 2013 Photo Photo: ABC News: Jennifer Huxley

On Monday, police prosecutor Gavin Reese told the court he would not follow the new report, but believed there was still enough evidence to promise Mr Murray a trial.

“It is my opinion that the committed activities can continue as they are,” he said.

“At this stage, we will not seek a secondary report from Dr. Cooper.

“From my point of view … there is ample evidence of a commitment to justice.”

Cheerleaders give evidence of that

Nine former Titans cheerleading teammates of Ames Robinson also appeared in court on Monday, including Abbey Lannoy, who said he noticed a change in MS Robinson on the night of his death.

“I turned around and saw him and he felt a little different,” he said.

“Although we’ve made a really tough preparation done”

In a witness statement, Mrs Lannoy said she regretted not asking M M Robinson what went wrong.

“I remember looking back at her and she seemed a bit out of place, probably not her normal, really happy self,” Mrs Lannoy said.

“As I drove home from night training I thought to myself that I should have asked Brick what was wrong with me.”

Other teammates said they never spent time with MS Robinson outside of the Titans cheerleading event or training.

When asked by Defense Barrister Angus Edwards if Ms. Robinson kept herself calm, she was not a teammate, while another teammate Megan Grant said she was not.

“He was pretty headstrong,” he said.

“Outspoken, but not loud. He was very sure of himself. ”

Mr Edwards said the defense would consider submitting a publication order Wednesday morning.

“The best way to ensure a fair trial is to have an order not to disclose any evidence related to my client’s relationship or interaction with a woman other than the deceased.”

More witnesses, including Mr Murray’s ex-girlfriend, are hopeful the hearing will continue until Friday.