The couple received Kovid-19, the mother gave birth to the child before she died of the virus

CLEVLAND (WZW) – Crawling her baby, a Cleveland wife sat next to a picture of her wife saying they were having a great time together until they were infected with Cavid-19.

She and her husband, Ramatha Majpeh Warith, who works at the RTA, were pregnant with their second child, 23-year-old Sierra Warith, during a positive test for the virus in May.

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Mr Warith said his wife, who suffered from chronic asthma, began to feel sore throat and went to a local hospital with a fever. She says their baby was delivered by c-section. Warith will not live to see her baby.

“With so much fear, the situation was so horrible not knowing what tomorrow would bring,” Warith said.

He said he went to the hospital in mid-May and died on June 13, a day earlier, at the age of 24.

“I think God kept him alive long enough to save him,” he explained.

Thousands of dollars have been raised online for a single father of two. Those interested in helping the family can donate to the GoFundMe account established in Sierra’s memory.

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“I know that he is protecting me because of the way God has blessed me.”

Warith described his wife as their happy woman so that they could raise their children together. She says she was a student at Cuyahoga Community College. Worth encourages others to take the virus seriously.

“This is the real wife, the mother, the 23-year-old, who has been doing well all her life, before, at school,” said Warith.

“It was just a feeling of breaking down,” he said of his death. “I don’t know what tomorrow holds because we have two children and we have a really beautiful life.”

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