The cord-cutting live TV app ‘Channels’ has been updated with DVR improvements, improved navigation, and more.

Popular Live TV app channels today have been updated to version 4.0.0 with various new features for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV fans. The update adds new navigation sidebars, DVR improvements, enhanced library browsing and more.

For strangers, channels allow you to stream local over-the-air programming to your ID, iPad, or Apple TV using the HDHomeron tuner. The Channel TV Everywhere feature allows you to sign in via your cable or streaming provider account.

The developers of the channels explained that this update focused on managing larger libraries and further customizing the application. For example, the new navigation sidebar can display more items at once, and supports customization to focus on specific sections within the application.

Additionally, Channels 4.0 has added a new list-based recording section that lets you view a general list of your recent recordings sorted by date. There are various improvements to the playback, a new kids section and much more. Here are the full release notes:

Sidebar on the navigation

The new navigation sidebar is capable of displaying more items at once and is fully customizable. You now have the ability to choose what will appear in the main navigation.

Don’t use now? No problem, you can now turn it off via settings.

Additionally, for easy access you can promote other categories such as Movies, Top, TV Shows and others side by side.

Extended library browsing

Channels now have appropriate movie and TV show sections that allow you to browse larger libraries. Browse new releases, recently added, genres or decades.

These new section designs are off by default and can be turned on via the Library section of Settings.

Children’s section

The channels now have official first class kids sections. Once it launches, you have the ability to determine where shows and movies will appear. By adjusting the visibility of your content, you can decide whether it will be displayed in the main library, only in the children’s section, or both.

This is a great powerful way to create a section for kids while cleaning up content outside of your original library.

New listing based recording section

The Recording section is now an easy list to sort by the recording date of your most recent recording. This was the biggest request of traditional theatrical DVR fans. We hope you like it.

Playback improvements

In a modern media viewing experience we get and add all the features we hope for.

Once you have finished watching, Auto Play will optionally start the next episode of your show. Schiffle mode lets you watch your show in random order with EndPed. When playing something, you want the channels to start now or you want to start from scratch.

Channels for iPhone and iPad is a free download in the App Store and the Apple TV version is 24 24.99 $ Channel Plus is a monthly subscription that adds support for recording and watching DVR content and much more and gives you all the Channel app for free.

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