The Chinese long game could save us from Trump’s new Cold War – the Scottish Sun.

In an election year, even a president like Donald Trump voluntarily does something predictable as Oticosa – he finds a new enemy.

In a crisis, a boss needs someone to blame and threaten him for all his misery. So it is clear and generally Trumpian that he has chosen the forest is the most powerful nation in the world – China.

The military and economic power of the 21st century is the greatest nation in the world. There is no need to interrupt the response to Trump’s post by expressing concern about the popularity of the owner’s house.


Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump

Truth be told, it is not wise to suddenly announce that he is thinking of ending the business.

But from now on, and in the November 3 vote, Trump wants to blame the Chinese for the Kovid-1p epidemic.

He must explain to his constituents that the “Uhan virus” was created in a laboratory in that city.

And that they have taken the scale of the problem away from us – which may be true but cannot draw attention to their own feelings of affection.

He hopes to develop it as a “foreign problem”; Despite the warnings of medical experts, he will be given a license to do patriotic duty to open the economy.

Like King Canute, he has tried to turn an inevitable tide – in this case from the Great Depression – and has almost the same chances of success.

Over the past few years, China has been intimidating China into investing in the Indo-Pacific region by stepping up sanctions this week without further provocative guidance for strategic bombing squadrons and government pension funds.

Military and financial postings for joining already established trade and diplomatic battles.

In a word, Trump is rushing to provoke the world’s largest country. It’s perfectly playable.

The Chinese are not covered by these.

They explained that they consider Trump to be “wrong” which is both correct and comparatively correct.

It is also clear that they wanted the United States to occupy a battlefield, and this is becoming really dangerous.


President Trump said on Tuesday that having better business arrangements with ChinaCredit meant the United States could deal with a two-month recession.

The Americans have given military guarantees to defend Taiwan’s independence – which China has promised to be part of a united nation.

Some influential Chinese voices have suggested that the Taiwan invasion would immediately boost its ambitions, rather than the official target date of 2000.

Others suggest crawling nuclear arsenals.

This seems to be the obvious path to conflict. War is really possible. How it can surround is strangely invisible – Chinese patience.

The Chinese are accustomed to a 30-year plan, they do not plan around the electoral cycle. And they see the decline of the United States as historically inevitable.

They made it clear that the rise of their nation and the fall of Trump were almost entirely ordered

Do not rush, integration will come. Excellence will come. Why put pressure on the door that is already being opened?

Trump needs to find someone to threaten. But we can be hopeful that President Xi’s government will lift him up and invigorate him by playing a long game.

Thinking of alternatives is very rough.

Jimmy Leach is a consultant who has done real work, including the two prime ministers’ heads of digital communications and the heads of digital diplomacy in foreign offices. He has also played a senior role in The Guardian, The Independent and Halfpost UK.

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