The cabinet ides decided in the first stage to relax the coronavirus restrictions

Cabinet ministers should consider continuing the first step in easing coronavirus restrictions.

They are expected to approve the measures in consultation with the National Emergency Health Team (NPHET) ’s national consultants.

The first phase of easing the COVID-19 sanctions will begin on Monday, May 18.

This means some outdoor work may begin – including construction – and DIY and hardware stores may reopen physical stores.

As long as everyone maintains distance, small outdoor gatherings of more than four people who do not belong to the same family will also be allowed.

According to the official roadmap published two weeks ago, the restrictions will be removed:

  • Allow outdoor meetings between people from different families
  • Open child care for health workers
  • Periodic return of tourists
  • Open retailers that were originally outside or open during the first stage of disability (e.g. opticians)
  • Certain government opportunities open up outside the home

The NPHET met on Thursday to review the plan in light of the latest medical information.

The suggestion comes after Friday for ministers who have final sayings.

Wearing face covering is also expected to be advised.

The government will probably say they should be worn in public, but will not stop making it mandatory.

On Thursday, An Taosiyech Leo Varadkar said he became increasingly confident that any one could start on Monday.

Health Secretary Simon Harris highlighted the positive trend in new cases and admissions to the intensive care unit.

Reporting: Shawn Defoe

Original image: A Toussaint Leo Varadkar and Health Minister Simon Harris speak to the media in 2018 at the Government Press Center in Dublin’s Government Building. Photo by: Sam Boyle / RollingNews.i

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