The Buzz Pound Bruins are 2-1 up in the second round play-off series

TORONTO – Nikita Kuchcherov had one goal and three assists to help Tampa Bay Lighting beat the Boston Bruins 1-1 on Wednesday to take a 2-1 lead in the second-round play-off series.

Alex Killern added two goals and an assist, and Mikhail Sargachev and Braden Point each took one goal and two assists.

Ondrej Palat and Inni Gurdeo also scored for Power, starting with an ugly 0-for-15 15-run 3-run win over the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first half.

Andrei Vasilevsky made 23 saves for the Tampers after Tuesday’s 4-3 overtime win that removed the top seven matchups among the Eastern Conference heavyweights.

Brood Marchand responded on behalf of the Bruners. Jaroslav Halak allowed four goals in 116 shots instead of Rookie Dan Vladar, who finished with 12 saves. Boston won first place in the NHL when the league suspended its season due to the COVID-19 epidemic in mid-March, returning to Friday’s game 4 at the empty Scotiabank Arena.

Players reacted throughout the game to the district’s Jacob Blake’s weekly holiday incident, with players throughout the game postponing three NBA tournaments Wednesday after the Orlando Magic went down in their first five games of the series. Black Man, Wisconsin, went ahead with the NHL Bruins-Lightning and chose to capture a brief “reflection moment” before the national anthem.

The Major League Baseball Games between the Milwaukee Cincinnati Reds and Brewers, the Seattle Mariners and Padres in San Diego and the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants were called up hours before the first pitch. Five of the six Major League Soccer fixers were suspended.

“Racism has been rampant in our society for a long time,” he said in a prepared statement announcing the rally at Scotiabank Arena. ‚ÄúToday and every day, the NHL and the hockey community are committed to fighting racial injustice and achieving a just society for all.

“The NHL would like to take this moment to wish Jacob Blake and his family well and urge our fans and communities to stand up for the cause of social justice and efforts to end racism.”

Tampa took a 2-0 lead after the first half and rose to three at 2:14 in the second half when Sergachev blasted a timer from Halak early in the second half of his second season and aiming for Lightning’s second man-advantage in the evening.

Marchand moved his seventh to 44.45 in a power play in Boston, but Kilronon went down to bat and in his third match: 5:53, Tamper recovered another batsman.

Halak, 35, who last started the back-to-back games in November 2018, is carrying the burden at the Bruns crease after leaving the Toronto Bubbles for a family emergency during his team’s five-match win over Tuca Rusk. The Carolina Hurricanes were replaced by Vladar during the last round, the next television deadline.

The 23-year-old became the first goalkeeper in Boston history to make his debut in the NHL in the playoffs and only 11th in all. Vladar saved his first three, but couldn’t do anything on the point breakup at 15:23 as Boston’s Terry Crew and Tamper Tyler Johnston were throwing fists at the other end of the rink.

Kilron made his second score after that when Gord’s shot sank to the right on the last boards at 18:01.

Kucherov joined the action with his fourth ball at 3:58 in the third after a Nifty move of one point in a hurry.

The lightning first took a 1-0 lead in the power play at 12:46 when Palat _ Tuesday’s overtime hero _ hit a timer from the right circle that hit Bruce captain Zedeno in the climbing stick and fooled Halak for the second time. .

Tampa hit again just 15 seconds after the unfortunate sequence from Boston’s point of view. Gourd went into the offensive zone, and Jeremy Lajan jumped in front of the Bruce defenseman linesman Devin Berg as he left to corner the side of the board. It made an opening for Gaur, who cut alone and made Hala his third.

Wearing the same 11 forwards and seven defensive tackles for the second time in 24 hours with Workhorse Blue-liner Ryan McDong, the underage was injured in the third period of Boston’s 3-2 win in Game 1.

The Bruins, meanwhile, fielded 11 forwards and seven defenders, with center-back Shane Curali, winger Andres Brozock and blue-liner Connor Clifton out and Lindhome, Lausanne and John Moore ahead.

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