The Bible is going to auction from Trump’s photo option

The Bible that President Trump took during the infamous June photo session outside St. John’s Church is up for auction, an auctioneer said.

The incident made headlines around the world after police used tear gas to disperse protesters as Trump marched from the White House to a prominent church. Now the memorable dealer Gary Gimet claims he’s selling Tom – it has Trump’s signature.

“I was contacted at the White House a few days after Trump’s famous picture in front of the church was published with the Bible to sign him. It took them a while to send it to me, but I’ll auction it off on Tuesday.” Gary Gemmet told Page Six: “The Bible is not so important in history, but it is impossible to say with certainty that Trump would dare to sign the Bible when he was protesting and because he was in the White House.” Signed, but I’ve never seen another sign, especially by a president. ” I was so excited to finally get it, knowing it was signed. This is a great rarity. “


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