The best Xbox One Tycoon video games

Business doesn’t always have to be serious. Business can be fun. Also, there is a strict set of business rules and resources around allocation. So somehow, business in the real world is already a kind of game. But if you want to play that game, we recommend diving into a video game. If you have an Xbox One, there are a few incredible tycoon games that we recommend checking out. Check out our picks below, but check back often as we update this list as more video game titles unfold.

# 5 Tropico6

  • Developer: Limbic Entertainment
  • Publisher: Kalipso Media
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Tropico games always became hits when they were released in the market and the current latest installment is Tropico 6 .. It happened this video game was launched in 2019 where the players played the role of L President. As the leader of an island known as Tropico, you need to make sure that your position is rich and disciplined. If you have played previous Tropico games, you are also going to look for a similar build up with this title. Players will take on leaders through different eras, and the more you appeal to citizens, the more productive your island will be. However, if you find yourself looking for the bad side of the community, you may revolt from Tropico’s control.

# 4 City Skyline

  • Developer: Huge order
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, NS, XBO

Cities Skylines are a lot like Sim City. Players are in control of planning a city in a variety of ways. Basically players can control zoning, road laying, public service, transportation, taxation among other aspects of how a city was built. There is a lot of love for this game and as the developers put a lot of time and effort into the game engine you will see that a powerful system has been set up that gives citizens a daily routine that makes them feel like a home.

To put it on top, the developers added more detail to the gameplay and title elements. As you grow the city, you may be hit by natural disasters in your area or at big events like concerts and festivals. The city is how you build it so that it is a place filled with job shops filled with jobs in any industry The decision of civic life is up to you.

# 3 Prison Architect

  • Developer: Interfusion Software, Double Eleven
  • Publisher: Interfusion Software, Paradox Interactive
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS

If you want to run your own prison, this is the game to do. Prison Architect hit the first scene in 2015 after a stand on Steam’s Early Access program. Game players have complete control over a prison where they can make decisions about how to manage the prison layout, install various utilities, and manage staff. To avoid repetitive actions that can have negative consequences, you need to deal with the offenders who begin to guide the prisoners through various reform options as well as start the problem. Of course, within the game, players are trying to run a successful prison that is graded for a variety of reasons. Depending on the rate of reform, players will see other areas, such as the level of violence as well as the happiness of the prisoners, whether they report a good in-game or negative.

You can lose this game as well as the CEO can dismiss you from the command if you fail. There are a number of areas in which the game will give players a negative grade that can lead to riots, deaths, re-criminal parole, wrong executions, and even bankruptcy. After all, in order to keep your prison running smoothly, you need to pay the staff as well as run the utilities. It is worth mentioning that a women’s prison will provide additional necessities such as nursing and child care.

# 2 Jurassic World Evolution

  • Developer: Border development
  • Publisher: Border Development
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? These incredible extinct creatures once ruled the world and we have seen countless movies and documentaries trying to replicate what life was like when dinosaurs ruled this land or what life could be if it still existed. Jurassic Park is a classic blockbuster series that gives a glimpse of what life would have been like if these animals had the ability to capture DNA and replicate life. From there it would be an over-the-top style zoo with guests getting a chance to get a closer look at the life and breathing of these dinosaurs.

Movie franchises typically feature images of the worst situations for these films, including a video game that gives players the ability to craft and run their own Jurassic World. Developed by Frontier Development, the studio has delivered several iconic tikun video games in the past that helped them create Jurassic World Evolution. There are also some iconic actors and actresses who repeat their roles like Jeff Goldblam with Bray Dallas Howard. If you play Zoo Teach Series or Border Development Planet Zoo, you will find more or less the same type of gameplay here.

You will take the lead position in a theme park where you will be able to control various aspects of the park such as science, safety and recreation. You need to make sure that your dinosaurs are cared for and happy. While there is a free-play sandbox mode, you can try the campaign mode where you have to develop five-star parks on various fictional islands.

# 1 Stardew Valley

  • Developer: Concerned App
  • Publisher: Chhaklefish
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS

There is a lot of love for the Harvest Moon franchise. It is a relaxed video game experience where players take control of a firm. Designing a variety of daily tasks, meeting with Townsfolk, and monitoring your farm to gradually grow a rich crop. Over the years, however, the franchise began to break down somewhat, and it felt like the essence of what some players felt was that Harvest Moon had to sit down to lose such a big hit. It is here that Indy Development Studio, ConcernDep has decided and will provide fans with a Harvest Moon game that delivers everything you want in a standard installment.

Both the StarDu Valley Hit Field Moon fans and newcomers took a lot of interest from the style video games. As mentioned, the big impact for the developers was to bring back an old school style of Harvest Moon so that the game could set players in the lives of busy people in the big city. However, tired of the nonstop city life, our hero embarks on a new adventure when he sees that this late grandfather has left his dilapidated farm in his name. As a result, the players started life in the country.

Players will take control of the farm and of course it will be profitable. However, you have to work hard and it will start with clearing your farm land. You can start planting seeds before getting rid of the heavy boulders, pulling the weeds and reaching the ground. Then there are livestock that need a place to live and their own resources. Of course, you will meet lots of people on the way through the city and there is also an option to get married. Whether you play Harvest Moon or not, Stardew Valley is definitely a tycoon game you can’t miss.

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