The best Star Wars video games for the Xbox One

Who doesn’t like Star Wars? Sure there have been ups and downs of the franchise. We have been given some great movies and a few down the same can be said in installments of different video games. While the franchise has parts of great titles, some iconic releases are pretty tough to enjoy today. When it comes to Xbox One, installments of previous video games were released in the digital marketplace for players to choose from.

We’ve picked out some of our personal favorites available on Xbox One that you don’t want. Still, the saying goes, there is no specific list, our choices may not match yours and that’s fine. We also want to know your favorite Star Wars games, so feel free to leave a comment and recommend some other great Star Wars games that people should be looking for. Here are our picks for the best Star Wars games on the Xbox One, without further ado.

# 6 Star Wars Squadron

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Star Wars: Squadrons take place during cinematic Star Wars universe events. However, instead of repeating that the same storyline fans may have already experienced in the past, this installment tells a new storyline with some new characters. The game is set during events after the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the Second Death Star. From here we see both sides as unique fighters in the Vanguard Squadron of the New Republic and the Titan Squadron of the Galactic Empire. Unfortunately for the Xbox One platform, we don’t have VR capabilities so Star Wars Squadrons are an area that shines on other platforms, but still, you have fun playing through this game especially if you enjoy piloting previous Star Wars video games like Star Wars. : Starfighter or Disease Squadron.

# 5 Star Wars Batfront 2

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Before we get to this point we need to mention that the old installments are available. Still, if you want to enjoy the game of Star Wars: Battlefront, you can choose Star Wars: Batfront 2 which is the latest installment. Released in 2017, EA provided a game that follows a wide range of events throughout the Skywalker Saga. However, there is also a campaign for players to go through.

In this campaign, the players played the role of Eden Versio, the commander of the Indeno Squad. Working with the Empire, it is during the events that the JD returns that Eden begins to question some of the motives behind the Empire’s departure. We won’t spoil anything here, but you can expect a storyline that will take place across several events from the film’s franchise.

# 4 Star Wars: Republic Commando

Between the Clones’ attack and Seth’s Revenge, the players had the opportunity to dive into the story of Star Wars as Republican Commandos. It was an action-packed tactical shooter when you go with a specially trained Delta Squad on something more important than how you can pull a manic trooper.

You will fight against different types of enemies and cross different types of planets and if you are not a fan of Star Wars then this game is still the first person shooter. Nevertheless, to this day, we are sure that you can get a lot of entertainment from this game.

# 3 Star Wars: Force Launched

Star Wars: Some great picks for Force Unleashed and its sequel Xbox One. The video games follow an interesting story line where there is a secret apprentice of Dart Bhadar named Starkiller. Overall, the goal of these games is to hunt down and kill any surviving stubborn. The gameplay also captures the time you have to fight against the enemies using different forces using your lightsbar. Only two installments are available for this game series and it is worth checking out. As you can imagine, you will have plenty of twists and turns to think about exactly how this story ends for the storyteller of this story.

# 2 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

We’ve dropped both games to this list because each installment has been appreciated by critics and fans alike. It is a classic RPG franchise that takes place long before the events of the film franchise. As a result, lots of new characters and searches have started to appear. Overall, each Knight of the Old Republic game allows players to follow a narrative that they want to follow as they move along the light or dark side of the energy.

Furthermore, there are many powers to unlock that allow you to distinguish this character from the rest of the force-sensitive part of this universe. You may find yourself caught up in a thrilling narrative that brings you along to the campaign. Unfortunately, the game is a bit dated, but if you can get ahead of the old visuals and even the mechanics, you can have a fun time in two installments for this franchise.

# 1 Star Wars JD: Fall Order

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The latest installment of Star Wars video games is currently available: Star Wars JD: Fallen Order. Developed by Response Entertainment, the game throws players into an era between Episode 3 and Episode 4, a dark time for the JD because most of the empire has been wiped out. Which ultimately allows them to remain hidden. The players became a footman named Cal, who escaped execution while killing his master. Trying to keep it under the radar, Cal can only discover a few years when he saves his friend from death.

Now he is fleeing the empire, but luckily he has some support from the newly formed resistance group. As soon as Cal escaped, he began training to become a JD again in the hope that he would be able to find others to help him. It is a single player title with gameplay that combines with Uncharted and Dark Souls. You will dive into different worlds, explore unique environments and solve puzzles. However, being a footman, you can’t go to war without a problem. Instead, when you attack, you need to be right when you need to dodge and parry according to the Dark Souls’ choice.

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