The best Minecraft Nintendo Switch seeds

The world of Minecraft is randomly produced, based on a series of “seeds” that popularize the world with the details needed to create a Minecraft environment. It’s an almost limitless game world based on algorithms that will blow your mind when coders try to think very hard about how it works. By default, the game captures the current system time as the initial input to the primary values ​​of a world and is driven by it, but thankfully, the seeds can be affected and copied and pasted into Minecraft’s built-in code, allowing players to share their original world.

The best Minecraft Nintendo Switch seeds

(Note: To enter a seed, input Bold Seed producers listed below seed title))

The latest seeds


If you are after seeds with something rare, check out this map. With the help of these seeds the players can go to the desert temple which is a little away from the spawn. However, what makes this temple rare is that it has a skeletal spanner as a result of its connection to the temple.




Desert Temple W / Skeleton Spanner



What makes this seed beautiful is the set for the original village. You will see that in the morning you will be around a few islands but if you have to do the coordinates -1567,66,665 you will find a village right in the middle of a huge forest. Lots of updates have been added to Minkraft to appeal to something that seems to appeal to a rustic setting like a somewhat old school jungle.



This seed can contain a ton of ingredients for you to enjoy in the morning. When you spawn, you’ll be right in the center of a large village with three blacksmiths. You have a few blacksmiths to fill your great list at the moment. Besides, there is a castle at the bottom of the islands you have jumped into. If you go out through the dock area you can try it out using the night vision course Of course, if you search you can find all kinds of extra islands and villages.



  • Swelling under water

Extra villages

The ocean




Looking for a quick game in Minecraft or just for an easy time for beginners? This seed is perfect because it comes with a lot of resources close to the source but above all, this seed already spans half of the entire portal.


Mob Sponsor

The desert

  • 1091,115 (blacksmith’s book included)
  • 885, -356 (blacksmith’s book included)

The desert

Last portal (half complete)


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