The best Easter eggs of 2020

Easter eggs can’t stop anything. We’ve said it over and over again, but 2020 was a weird year for video games. New consoles have been released and lots of games have landed, but it still feels strangely cool – the Easter eggs were actually pretty cute al from most of the games we just weren’t in the mood for a silly mystery in 2020. Our latest: Episode 2 was not like featuring dance minutes.

However, as I said, Easter eggs can’t stop anything. There is still plenty to discuss, and a few that we will remember for the next few years. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Featuring several Easter eggs in multiple individual game modes, Cyberpunk 2077 brings some heavy duty camos and introduces itself to us in 2020 from find 2020.

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Ghana Funeral [Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War]

Black Ops Rock War brings back fan-favorite zombies mode – which is usually accompanied by Easter eggs. And that includes the search for one giant Easter egg with the finished kutsin. We’re not going to talk about the huge Easter egg search here, because there are ways to find something better.

You can see the full dimension of your own pocket by re-imagining the dancing zombies Ghana Funeral Mem It is a party environment in the colorful universe and you can reach it by shooting five very specific decorated Arabs. You can even get a legendary weapon for the deal! For more information we have found a complete guide here to explain all the steps.

The opposite day [Among Us]

This Easter egg isn’t really new in 2020. It’s actually back in 2018. The game seems completely new to most of us, I think it totally counts.

And this is one of the few Easter eggs related to certain days. On April Fool’s Day, a map mirror spreads among us like it’s scaled around the map – and if you have the admin advantage, you can play a game and free your friends by quickly changing your friends’ computer calendar. It’s not the most flashy Easter egg on our list, but we can’t ignore it in ourselves. Anything that makes players more suspicious is worth it.

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