The best Android auto app for 2020

Android Auto overrides your car’s native infotainment system with a familiar, smartphone-like interface. It’s extremely easy to set up and relatively straightforward to use, but you’ll want to add third-party applications to get the full experience. Whether you want to listen to music or chat with your friends, here is the best Android Auto app.

The tide

When it comes to the quality of the music, don’t be fooled around the tide. The artist’s proprietary music subscription application, the Android version of Tidal, works on more than 400 vehicles, including the main unit of the party that supports Android Auto and Auto’s own phone interface. Tide’s global music and video streaming platform seeks to bring artists and fans together through exclusive artistic content. With Tide, you can stream songs and discover new music, but members can download tracks and music videos to listen or watch offline.

Create your own playlist or use one of the tides decorated by music editors and artists. Use the app to listen to hi-fi albums, playlists or your recurring radio station. Stream music without interruption. Premium subscriptions, which provide unlimited music on multiple devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets, as well as access to Tidal X events, cost ড 10 per month, while lossless Hi-Fi costs customers 20 per month, providing customers with the same premium subscription content. However, it is delivered at a lossless, CD and Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) standard (1411 kbps as against 311 kbps standard streaming). Try it for free for 30 days

Google Play


There is a reason why radio is so strongly associated with driving and this is because you cannot spend time picking up your next tune. Pandora is probably the top music streaming service for personalized music radio that as you learn as you listen, you continue to get better and better recommendations as you listen. Unlike traditional theatrical radio, you can avoid songs that you are not interested in – although the number of available skips is limited to free accounts.

You can remove the restrictions at িপ 5 per month, along with skips and rebuilds, and you can also turn Pandora into a Spotify-style on-demand streaming service for 10 10 a month. We’ll stick with the radio just for the sake of convenience, but if you really want to love your Pandora’s recommendations, this might be worth it. The new version now features podcasts, where you can discover the podcast of your choice or get personalized suggestions based on your listening habits. More than 1 million podcast episodes are available here, with more added daily.

Google Play

Scanner radio

If you’re the type to keep your ear on the ground while on the road, Scanner Radio li is forced to present live audio from more than 1,000 fire and police scanners, weather radios, radio repeaters, air traffic and all marine radios across the happy planet. You can turn on alerts when a scanner hits more than 3,500 listeners by making sure you’re in the latest big events. Also, you can check with the scanners closest to your location, view the top 50, and browse through the information genre. You are always up to the minute with the scanner radio. A paid version for Paid 3 removes ads. The latest version has been updated to Android 10.

Google Play


Just because you’re in the car doesn’t mean you’ve left the world behind – it’s usually quite the opposite. If you can’t match mile ads, jingles, product hawking, and mindless chatter, then what’s important with NPR One is that you stay connected. You get the latest local, regional, national and international news in a consistent, concise flow. With NPR One, it’s not a one-way street: you can avoid stories you’re not interested in and the app doesn’t know how to re-introduce that genre to you. Likewise, a light tap app on a light bulb tells you to give more stories of that kind. You can search for your favorite shows, programs and podcasts and enable Slip Timer with five presets. On the go, you can skip, pause, and search without the steering wheel.

Google Play


This popular messaging app gives drivers a hands-free way to receive and send messages. When used in conjunction with Android Auto, you can simply tap the message as it appears on your car’s display, then use it to draft your voice and send replies. If you’re using GPS or another app at the time, the messages will appear in the top third of your display, so you can create your own response without having to switch app screens and potentially lose your turn.

Updated versions feature new privacy settings that allow you to control who can add to groups. Go to Settings> Accounts> Privacy> Groups. The app now supports call waiting, so you can choose to receive incoming calls while you’re on another call. To setup unlock with fingerprint you may now need fingerprint to unlock the application Account

Google Play

Amazon Music

Amazon Music works in much the same way as Google Play Music but it is probably preferred by Amazon Prime customers. Any music tied to your Amazon account – whether it’s in the cloud, music you’ve uploaded to the service or songs found on your phone – will be available when you decide to use Amazon Music with Android Auto, as well as features like Prime Station. Voice commands are available for hands-free use, which means you can say “OK, Google”, followed by a sentence like “Play Call My Massage Amazon Music”. The most recent update debuts free streaming music, so you can listen to the top playlists and thousands of radio stations for free.

Google Play


Your local library – not to mention 20,000 more, including 90% located in the United States – is always at your fingertips through overdrive and you can read as many books as you want for free. While you can borrow e-books, audiobooks, and streaming videos from your library using OverDrive on your Android device, audiobook functionality will come in handy, especially when you’re driving. With the help of overdrive, you are never too late to check, hold or think of returning books on time. The app takes care of it. All you need is a valid account from the participating library, school or other organization.

Google Play


Spotify is still the largest music streaming service in the world, and it would have been a crime if it hadn’t been compatible with Android Auto. Thanks to this, your Spotify has access to a huge database of available songs, albums and artists. If you haven’t subscribed, you can access free music streaming through ads only. If you want to download your songs for use in places without mobile data, or if you’re on top of a limited data package, you’ll need a Spotify Premium subscription for ড 10 per month. We have a guide to help you get a discount though. Easy to set up with Android Auto – just plug in your phone and you’re good to go. Spotify is constantly updating the app for smooth functionality.

Google Play

Facebook Messenger

We have other messaging in this article, but if you’re already using Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with friends and family, you don’t want to change just because you get in your car. If you have Facebook Messenger on your phone, any incoming messages you receive will be sent to your Android Auto (if enabled) so you can keep up with everything. Your Android Auto can read your messages aloud and tap a large button to send a pre-typed “I’m driving now” message in response to any of your messages. It’s general integration, but it’s definitely welcome for driving when you want as much isolation as possible.

Google Play


You can get all kinds of useful real-time information about the road from the Waze active community. The app also gives one-by-one instructions, rearranges you based on traffic and warns you about accidents, risks and police locations. You can use it to share your ETA and make progress with friends and family which is ideal when you meet somewhere. Throw in information about points of interest, the best gas prices nearby, and Facebook integration and have the best navigation apps around you.

Google Play

Google Play Music

Integrating Google Play Music into Android Auto gives you an easy way to listen and control your music while driving gives you to start playlists, play a specific song or listen to a specific genre of music using voice commands like “OK Google” and “Play …” Please. You can use your car display to navigate the app, where you’ll be able to see music recommendations, recently played content, or mixes made using songs and artists you’ve heard before. Of course, in both cases you need to set up your Google Play Music properly and sign in already.

Google Play

Pocket Casts

Listening to music in the car is one thing, but the best podcasts can make a drive more portable. PocketCast is one of the best podcast apps on the Android platform and it is now fully compatible with Android Auto. When paired with the Android Auto UI, you’ll get general play / pause and back / forward controls, and you can browse podcasts, set filters, and capitalize on previously created “up next” rows. Modern playlists need to be created before Android Auto launches, but you may need to shake your phone before hitting the road.

Google Play


Music and podcasts are two things you hear while driving, but let’s not forget the books, which can help you pass the time. Android provides it, thanks to its strong compatibility with Android Auto. In addition to the ability to play audiobooks, you can adjust the playback speed – between 0.5x and 3x – and skip between chapters. After all, you can navigate to the Audio Store and see a list of your favorite lists, best-seller lists, and genre-specific categories, so you can add new books if you can’t access your phone or computer.

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