The ARM-powered supercomputer follows the world’s fastest, Macs

Apple finally made the announcement that we had been expecting for years: the company is starting to move the Max from Intel to ARM-powered chips. And with the right timing, there was some news about Apple’s claims to standardizing credibility that would make Max stronger …

Verge said the world’s fastest supercomputer is now powered by an ARM processor.

One Japanese supercomputer has topped the biennial top 500 supercomputer speed rankings. A computer from Riken and the Fujitsu-co-developed Kobe uses the Fugaku Fujitsu 48-core A64 FX system-on-chip. This is the first time a computer based on an ARM processor has topped the list.

And not by a slight margin either.

Fugaku is the closest competitor to the top 500 HPL results at 415.5 petflaps, 2.7 times faster than IBM’s Summit. Fugaku also topped other rankings by testing computers in various workloads, including the Grameen 500, HPL-AI, and HPC. No previous supercomputer has led in four rankings at once.

Surprisingly, the supercomputer has been working on COVID-19 research.

Fugaku is currently being used on an experimental basis for research on COVID-19, including diagnostics, therapeutics, and viral simulation.

Once it is in full swing, from April next year, it will be used in a variety of qualified projects.

It will be used in applications aimed at achieving the Society 5.0 plan by running applications in cases such as drug discovery; Personalized and preventative drugs; Imitation of natural disasters; Weather and climate forecasts; Energy production, storage and use; Development of clean energy; New material development; New design and production process; And pure as a perfect scientific endeavor – explaining the basic laws of the universe and evolution.

Starting design work six years ago, Fugaku has been developing conceptually for over a decade.

The first ARM-powered Mac will be available to developers from this weekend, the first commercial ARM Mac will go on sale later this year.

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