/The Apple Store has banned parlors from the App Store due to a lack of moderation

The Apple Store has banned parlors from the App Store due to a lack of moderation

After giving Parlor 24 hours to introduce new content addition policies, Apple today announced that Parlor has officially kicked off the App Store. This means that the application has been removed from the App Store for new downloads.

Apple has banned the parlor from the App Store

In a statement to 9to5Mac, Apple said:

We’ve always supported different perspectives for representation in the App Store, but there’s no place on our platform for threats of violence and illegal activity. The parlor did not take adequate measures to identify the spread of this threat to public safety. Parlor We have suspended from the App Store until they resolve these issues.

It came after Apple threatened to remove the parlor last evening. At the time, Apple said the parlor had 24 hours to take action to resolve objectionable content on its platform. Apple now says Parlor has failed to adequately address these concerns.

Removing Parlor from the App Store will stop new users from downloading it, but the app will probably continue to work for those who have already installed it, but this does not mean that Parlor will be unable to publish updates to the app and future iOS updates may make it obsolete.

Below is the app that Apple sent to parlor developers that informed them of its intent to kick the parlor out of the parlor app store. Apple says the parlor’s proposed solutions are not enough to address “hazardous and harmful content” on the platform.

Thank you for your feedback regarding hazardous and harmful ingredients in the parlor. We have determined that the steps you have described are insufficient to identify the spread of dangerous and offensive content in your application.

The parlor has not kept its promise to contain and remove harmful or dangerous content that encourages violence and illegal activity, and does not comply with the App Store review guidelines.

In your response, you mentioned that the parlor has been “taking this content very seriously for several weeks.” However, the procedures that parlors have put in place to moderate or prevent the spread of dangerous and illegal content have proved inadequate. In particular, we have identified direct threats of violence and called for provocative action in violation of Guideline 1.1 – Safety – offensive content.

Your response also refers to an add-on plan “for the time being” that does not meet the ongoing requirements of Guideline 1.2 – Safety – user-generated content. While there is no perfect system to prevent the content of all dangerous or hateful users, applications need to have a strong content integration plan to deal with these issues effectively and efficiently. A temporary “taskforce” centered on the widespread spread of harmful content is not a sufficient response.

For these reasons, your app will be removed from the App Store until you receive an update that complies with the App Store Review Guidelines, and you do not demonstrate your ability to effectively control and filter out dangerous and harmful content on your Services.

Note that Apple’s contact with the parlor states that the app has been banned “until you receive an update compliant with the App Store Review Guidelines,” which means the app may return in the future. Nonetheless, the parlor publicly stated that it would adopt a hands-off approach to restraint forever.

The parlor was also removed from the Google Play Store on Android yesterday, as our colleagues at 9to5Google reported yesterday.

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