The ‘Apple One’ bundle has been confirmed by Apple Music for Android

Back in June, our colleagues at 9to5Mac discovered in iOS 13.5 beta that Apple plans to bundle their services into a single subscription. With the latest update to the Apple Music app for Android, we can now confirm that the uninterrupted “Apple One” subscription will be coming soon.

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Apple One

Last month Bloomberg revealed new details about this subscription bundle, such as the services that will be included. More premium bundles than just Apple TV + and Apple Music could include a base bundle that could include Apple Arcade, Apple News + and more iCloud storage, the report said. At the time, the name “Apple One” was scattered as a functional name.

With the latest release of Apple Music, version 3.4.0 Beater, we see that Apple has settled down with an internal codename called “Aristotle” as well as “Apple One”. In addition to these new strings in the app it ensures that Apple Music will be included with the Apple One when it launches.

Apple One includes% s

Subscription bundle% s

Interestingly, Apple has a clear message that Apple One and your existing Apple Music subscription will not overlap, ensuring that you do not receive double the salary.

Your Apple Music subscription will be included in Apple One starting% s. You will not be charged for both subscriptions

Significantly, you may not be able to manage or renew your Apple One subscription from the Android version of the Apple Music app. Instead, it seems you need to use an iOS, MacOS, or TVS device to do this.

You can manage your Apple One subscription using your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac.

Unfortunately, no further details were found on such app pricing or when Apple plans to launch this new subscription bundle. The next possible launch of the Apple One will be at next week’s Apple event, with the iPad Air and the Apple Watch line now predicted to bring new offers.

Abner Lee contributed to this article

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