The antiques of Ruth’s house temporarily shut its doors

Washington, NC. (WNCT) – Businesses in the East are facing economic battles due to the epidemic.

A local store focuses more than just selling goods, it protects victims of domestic violence.

Ruth’s home is a safe haven for victims of domestic violence.

The antique shop has helped bring in revenue to meet the demand for shelter but now its doors are closed.

Operators say the volunteer run store could not withstand the epidemic.

It sold old antiques, earning money in Ruth’s shelter of domestic violence and in an effort to promote her community.

This closure will affect Ruth’s home, but it will not stop the group from working.

“Any help they need, court advocacy they don’t know what a domestic violence defense order is and how to get it. We have court lawyers who can meet with them and help them in that case. We have counselors who may already be out of the situation but still need someone to talk to, ”explained Valerie Keynes, executive director of Ruth’s House.

The antique store may close for the time being, but organizers hope to reopen next spring.

Employees are asking people in the community to help keep Ruth’s house going in the coming months.

For more information you can see Ruth’s Home Facebook page here.

You can also make a direct donation to Ruth’s House PayPal here.

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