The All-New Nissan Kidstar is a cardboard car for kids

To prevent many people from starting their normal leisure activities by the coronavirus epidemic, children’s ideas about what should be done to accommodate litter with children can be driven very quickly.

So how to make a Nissan car? A cardboard one, it.

The Japanese carmaker posted a video with simple instructions on how to transform a regular cardboard box into a rather spacious one, calling the company “Nissan Kidstar”

Restore your little one’s imagination by creating fun, cardboard Nissan everyone can play. See instructions here:

– Nissan (@Nisanusa) July 11, 2020

To give it a unique flagship look, the creators of Fun Activities have helpfully posted a webpage where you can find printable paste-on parts. The video contains more detailed instructions than you can find, so be sure to check if your child wants to spend some of his or her free time.

The initial stages of building a cardboard car involve some cuts, so it’s best to carry that part of an adult process. After that, though, it happened to be removed, painted and sticky on parts of the printable Nissan car. How does a steering wheel even have a fountain about how to rotate ne decay? Parents need to expend some energy pushing the car around the living room with the children in the house, unless there is no other child in the house who can perform this task.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced for your kids, check out the Digital Trends Guide for some of the best robot kits available today.

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