The ‘AGT’ singer cries for his father during his audition [VIDEO]

Make sure you have a tissue in your hand when you watch Justin Rhodes’ audition for AGT. This led to a sensitive moment when this vocalist performed in front of his father for the first time since childhood.

Prior to the audition, Justin also shared his struggles with substance abuse. Check out Avisi’s performance in “Wake Up” in the video below and read on to find out more about him.

Justin Rhodes auditions for ‘AGT’ in front of his father

Before the audition, Justin said he started playing the piano at the age of three. He shares that his parents liked his passion for music, but he’s not sure if it’s going to be his career.

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Justin moved to New York City to pursue music and eventually ended up drinking and taking drugs. “It was the darkest time of my life,” he said, adding to his father, “I can say that I disappointed him as the only son.”

Justin’s father was sitting with the AGT audience during his audition. He explained that his father had seen him act as an adult for the first time. Justin explained, “I live in Florida now, and he lives in Buffalo, and it’s a little hard to get close to him.”

He played the keyboard as he sang and the audience applauded. Meanwhile, Justin’s father can be seen wiping away tears as his son plays.

What do the judges think about Justin’s performance?

“I think you’re very special,” AGT Judge Heidi Klum said of Justin’s audition. Mel B, meanwhile, said her tone was “sexy” and “pitch perfect”. Howard Stern said Justin “was able to convey something through your song.”

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Howe Mandel told Justin that it was a “miracle” for his father to appear before America and “to witness his son’s life blossom in front of America.” He said he was “shocked” to see it. When it came time to vote, Howie asked Justin’s father what he thought. He’s a thumbs up.

Unfortunately, Justin couldn’t make it to Judgment Week in the AGT season but you can follow him on YouTube and Instagram, where he posted covers and original songs posts


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