The 90-day engagement star has a history of photo publishing

90 Day Engagement: Ever After Happiness? Star Colt Johnson called Jess Caroline to send other women nude. Peak Credit: TLC

This week’s 90 Day Engagement Episode: Ever After Happiness? At least it was explosive.

Perhaps the most tragic incident was the revelation that Colt sent nudity to another woman while dating his girlfriend, Jess Caroline.

During the episode, Jess came to visit Las Vegas. Colt is preparing to reveal some secrets to him – such as his friend Vanessa living with him and his mother Debbie.

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Viewers will recall that Vanessa was the friend that Colt severed ties with when he told Jess that he initially expressed feelings of violence.

When Vanessa returned to Las Vegas to see their cats on a trip to Brazil to visit Jesse’s family, they all turned out to be lies.

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The ease of pulling the barrier

Jess tried to see if there was any possibility of creating a scene, and Colt thought the two would meet and talk in the cat’s cafe.

What he didn’t plan was that he was getting ready. Jess already knew at least some of what Comte had to say and he punched her.

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Jess jumps up and asks, “How’s your dick? Will you send pictures today?”

It comes to light that eight separate women reached out to Jess on social media and told her that Colt was not only talking to them, he was also posting nude pictures of themselves.

During an interview cut with the producers, Colt confirmed that he was talking to these other women, “I sent dick pictures when I was talking to these women online. I’m ashamed of myself.”

Overcoming the embarrassment and trying to avoid public debate, Colt requested that they bring their conversation back to his home. Jass reluctantly agrees.

On the way home, there are two banners on social media about who interrupted first, and Jess angrily tells him, “Stop playing with women, okay? I’m not a toy.”

It’s going to get totally worse

Eventually, on arriving home, Debbie greets the couple, and the three engage in some incredibly awkward conversation. But Jess is not good at playing and boldly dismisses Colt, “You’re a really great actor. Hollywood needs Colt.”

He then proceeded to unload Colt’s secrets in front of Dabby again. He went so far as to show the type of text he was sending to these other girls.

Knowing that her desire to be a partner is not a conversation, Debbie wisely tries to leave the place by acknowledging that Colt did not treat Jess the way she should.

“I’m sorry to bother you. I can’t be your best boyfriend.”

Then comes at least the biggest bombshell of the evening for Jess, as Colt tells her that Vanessa left a few weeks ago.

Fans will have to wait for next week’s episode to confirm what happened to Jess’s explosive reaction.

90 Day Engagement: Ever After Happiness? The TLC aired Sunday at 8 / 7C.

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