The 76ers cream of the Eastern crop, surprised the Westerners

Although the calendar has moved into the new year, we have just left the port with the 2020-21 NBA season left

Of the seven games in which any team has finished the most, we are still much more involved in a data collection part of the campaign and it is difficult to properly judge and create group teams properly.

However, as usual we will try with the latest version of the NBA tire list.

Early pioneers

With 5-1 and a defensive rating of 99.7 boasting the best defense so far in the NBA, the 76 Philadelphia 76ers don’t have much room to cream and debate the Eastern Conference order right now.

Things have gotten a bit more complicated in the West, but the two Los Angeles have jumped off very strong starts, somewhat surprisingly Phoenix Sun isn’t far behind either.

The Sun made their intentions clear that by achieving Chris Paul they wanted to give a big push after their bubble success and so far he has helped transform them into one of the best teams in the NBA and they seem to need the right kind of experienced leader looks like Devin Booker and Dyandre To turn Aitton from a talented player to a bizarre star.

Top level competitors

Teams like the Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers and Utah Jazz were tempted to keep at the top to achieve great levels, but we’d like to see more of them as we elite the league before their crowns are comfortable.

Furthermore, in the case of the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Box, the expectation is that they too could become the best in the league, but do not play records at this moment in support of this claim.

Basically, all the teams at this level are good and some of them can reach the top level if we know more about each of them while they are moving forward.

Are you really what your record says you are?

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic are both 4-2, the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors are 3-3, and the Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks are both 2-4.

Will these clubs really continue the trend they are heading?

The Mavericks look like they probably have a Luka Donic injury situation in their hands but it’s hard to say, so they could get into trouble. Also on Sunday, Stephen Curry exploded for a big win over the Portland Trail Blazers for a career-high 62 to raise hopes that perhaps his brilliance will be able to carry the Dobbs even though they own the second-worst rating in the NBA right now.

Simply put, we need to see more from these nine clubs.

You may be fine, but now you are not

Records for this team will tell you that none of these clubs are particularly good at the moment, but looking at their roster there is a glimmer of hope that for each of them it’s just an early season blip and they can and will turn it around.

Take the Toronto Raptors for example. Although they are different from the team that achieved the second-best record in the NBA last season, they are still not that different and only need some players like Pascal Siakam to get back on track in 2019-20 to get back on track.

Or how about the Washington Wizards? Russell Westbrook once again looks like a scoring machine with Brackley Bill, the talent on that backcourt with a triple-double average is undeniable, but if the team’s star power is going to cash in, the team needs a better defense.

The season isn’t even deeper with 10 games so everyone at these clubs has plenty of time to turn things around, not considering how deadly things look right now.


What looked like it could be a promising season for the Memphis Grizzlies seems to have lost it before it really started.

The team has already dropped without star forward Jerin Jackson Jr., who was ruled out with a knee injury, and has now lost the 2020 rookie to Morant for about 20-25 weeks with an ankle injury.

These are the best two players in the Grizzlies and their campaign could have already been submerged without them for a long time.

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