Thanks, healthcare heroes! – Vidyant Medical Center

Greenville, N.Y. C. (WNCT) – Physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers are soldiers on the battlefield against the coronavirus.

These people work every day and help KVID-19 patients regain their health.

9OYS spoke to Dr. Ogugua Obi, who said the amazing teamwork and collaboration in Vidyantha is forcing workers to leave the epidemic.

Patients with COVID need doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and more to treat the disease.

At the onset of the epidemic, many experts were concerned and uncertain about what to expect, but Dr. Obi said that every member of Vidyantha walks through the door with a positive attitude, ready to take care of patients.

“It’s extremely stressful for the community, that I haven’t been able to stay in the hospital with loved ones and have been able to extend patient care to the family. It’s an honor and an opportunity, and I’m grateful for that,” he explains.

Dr. Obi says he is grateful for the leadership between the ECU and Vidyant when it comes together and encourages security measures to help keep us safe.

Visible health professionals are sharing that they are here because of the community, COVID or not.

Employees call family members at least twice a day and Vidant is also setting up a family entertainment program where employees use an iPad so family members use an iPad to make sure they can spend facetime with their loved ones and stay up to date.

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