Thandi Newton is brave enough to talk about Tom Cruise

Leah Remini praised Thandi Newton after the actress spoke about being an “actress” about Tom Cruise during the filming of “Mission: Impossible 2”.

“It takes a huge force to do what he did, and if more people talk like that and are so brave, I think we can get somewhere,” Remini told the Daily Beast during the promotion of his upcoming podcast, “Scientology: Neutrality.”

He added, “Tom has become this ‘beautiful guy’ because of what science says – to create good PR in the world and to make that ‘good deed’ known. But if you actually look at his activities, they are not consistent.” “

Remini, who left Scientology 30 years later in 2013, claimed that Cross (56) was a “poster child” for the church.

“He can’t put any marriage together, he’s jumping on the couch, he’s acting like he knows something about postpartum,” she said. “I learned very quickly that you shouldn’t do this, because Tom Cruise was considered a messiah in Scientology.”

He added, “This man is a man who has not seen his daughter for years. This guy can run around and people think he’s this great-looking guy, I don’t get that. But it’s the Hollywood bull-t game people play. “

Remini, his mother, grew up as a scientist at the age of 9 after joining the organization. He left after questioning the management style of church leader David Miscage.

Two years later, he published a memoir, “Trouble Maker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.” The “Queen’s King” star also had a documentary series on A&E, titled “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath”, which has been the experience of former scientists since leaving the team.

No Cruise representative immediately returned our request for comment.


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