/Testing Google Sons font for desktop search results

Testing Google Sons font for desktop search results

On Friday, Google announced a new remake of the mobile search experience. Some of these tweets are now being tested on the desktop search results page, as is the expanded use of the Google Sons font.

The first change is that the search field always shows up at the top of the rest of the page. Previously, this height only occurred when you were covered above. Google has put thinner outlines around the pill for many more visible individual elements. However, the old design is still available when you scroll down and face the docked top bar.

A small jolt is in the search filters shown below. The blue underline used to mark the current section has shrunk so much that it matches the redesign of the mobile in such a change.

This brings us the biggest change: Google Sans. The organization’s exclusive font is now convenient for page names and search controls, such as filter bars. It was only used for some section titles and it is particularly noticeable that the extended acceptance hat said robots are still there for longer descriptions of site descriptions and text.

These two major changes are not widely rolled out, but – in my case – are found consistently over most days in a way that is not usually related to A / B testing. It starts appearing after signing out in incognito mode.

In the grand scheme, the more prominent search bar and font match the larger changes that Google.com is introducing very slowly. It features a color-themed left navigation drawer that lists subtopics related to the original query to help you drill down. This is currently limited to questions related to COVID-19. It has not yet rolled out in people or media content.

Another variation of Google A / B testing is a desktop dark theme that matches Android and iOS applications.

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