Terry Crew apologizes to Gabriel Union for not supporting him after leaving “America’s Got Talent”

Tammi Aroio / AFF-USA.com

Terry Cruz has once again apologized to Gabriel Union for the hurtful remarks he made in the past about not standing behind him after he was fired as a judge of American Goat Talent.

“I want to change with black women and especially [Gabrielle Union] In a Twitter post on Thursday, June 4, he said – especially at work – for not acknowledging the privileges I have and for adding that fact to my previous apology.

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Crew and Union worked together on 14 seasons of American Got Talent, but only after the reality show season ended did the crew extend their contract. They were the victims of racism and miserliness because of the union’s shooting, and it was reported that he made exaggerated remarks about how his appearance and hair style changes made him “ultra-black.”

When asked in an episode of Danas about the union’s experience, which was researched internally by NBC earlier this year, Crew replied: “I can speak for any comment about racism – it’s never been my experience in American genius. The event. In fact, my 20 years It was the most diverse place in the world. “

The crew’s statement angered many viewers – especially when Union was one of the first stars to publicly support a well-known talented agent after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced. After watching the interview with Union Danas, the crew violated an agreement not to make any public statements about the situation until the investigation was over.

The comeback against the actor was getting worse then. In a recently deleted tweet, the crew wrote, “Please I have the only woman in the world. Her name is Rebecca. She is not my mother, my sister, daughter or colleague. I will let their husbands / boyfriends / partners take care of them. “

Days later, the crew apologized to black women, writing on Twitter, “I hear you, I respect you and I understand you,” without addressing the union by name.

Prior to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars tweet on Thursday, Crew and Union did not speak publicly about each other after posting controversial comments. Late last month, NBC issued a joint statement with U.S.-based manufacturing company Got Talent Fremantle, claiming that “investigations have shown that Mrs. Union’s concerns have nothing to do with the decision not to seize the contract opportunity.”

In a new tweet from the crew, his apology did nothing to resolve the closed investigation and remained as the host of the show, which aired on its 15th season.

The news came after the union filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer and NBC in the state of California on Thursday, June 4th. The actress also accused NBC Entertainment chairman Paul Telegridi of threatening to fight racism.

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