Tell me why: Episode 2 – All Collectible Location Guide

Tell me why continue, and we’re dealing with all collectibles in Episode 2 Like Ep 1, here are 5 collectibles and some of them are easy to miss. If you miss one, you can instantly return to the previous sequences in the Episode Select menu so you don’t have to replay too much to get what you’ve lost.

Tell me why there is a new murder mystery from the creators of Life Is Strange. Playing as a sibling again to sell your married mother’s house takes the game to some dark realm – and we’re not going to dodge the story here il it’s just about collectibles. To make the collection hassle-free we will keep the actual context as vague as possible.

Tell me more why the guide:

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There are five collectibles of the 2nd episode where you can find them all here. If you miss any, you can return to each section from the Episode Selection menu.

  • Collectible # 1: Big Frog
    • Episode: Oh goblins!
    • Location: At home, you will see your brother cleaning the bottom of the sink. Go to the living room and check under the table.
  • Collectible #2: Stalwart Moose
    • Episode: In cold cases
    • Location: Playing as Tyler, check out the drawer on Eddie’s desk.
  • Collectible #3: Mangi Mushkrat
    • Episode: Fight Pollution!
    • Location: Get it in the storage room, to the left of the old white / green refrigerator.
  • Collectible # 4: The Well Over Beaver
    • Episode: Funeral
    • Location: Again, playing as Tyler will take you to the second section of the cemetery. Find it behind Carol Brown’s grave marker.
  • Collectible # 5: Moon Hack
    • Episode: Scorched earth
    • Location: Towards the end, you will enter a barn with Tyler. Walk over the fire and go to the room right behind the barn. Inside there is an open shelf with collectibles.

It has five collectibles. There will be more in 3 episodes! Check back soon for final location sets.

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