/Teenage mother star Janelle Evans has launched a subscription service to follow her life

Teenage mother star Janelle Evans has launched a subscription service to follow her life

Janel Evans has launched a new subscription site. Peak Credit: General Eisen / YouTube

Former teenage mother 2 star Janelle Evans has tried to start a lot of business ventures after MTV fired her from the show.

MTV has admitted to shooting the dog in the family after husband David Esso shot and killed his daughter Ashley last May.

Since Janelle did not immediately leave David behind, fans gradually stopped supporting him. After he left her behind in October 2012, fans gathered around him, hoping it would be a new talent.

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But Evans returned with David to North Carolina earlier this year, and he doesn’t care what people think of him.

And now, he wants your money to continue his life.

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Janelle Evans has launched a new website and you have to pay for it

On social media, Janelle announced that she was launching a website called “Janelle’s World”. He explained that people often ask to update it.

Now, it’s ready to update you, but you have to pay.

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On its website it lists three subscription models ranging from $ 5 per month to $ 75 per month. And it has limited time to offer animals, which means prices are likely to rise.

Fans are asked to select a subscription package. Peak Credit: jenellesworld.com

For $ 75 per month, fans will receive monthly gifts, private group live chats, access to exclusive content, podcasts, a real birthday card and more.

One person says 75 people follow a person’s life every month, let alone during an epidemic

Janel Evans is getting a response to his tweet. Peak Credit: @ peeb & ndigenly_1 / twitter

Genel didn’t pay attention to this comment on social media, but anyone who isn’t very active on social media or other digital platforms is priced at ড 75 per month for certain content.

Also, the package details do not outline what specific content they will receive to make their investment worthwhile.

Janelle Evans recently revealed her troubles with her husband

Genel is not known for his business ventures.

Instead, his personal life often takes a central turn when it comes to major headlines. He recently called David on social media and claimed that he was not giving anything. He then announced that they had reunited.

Evans was also recently criticized for keeping quiet about everything in the world.

Her ex-teen mother’s co-stars have used her platform to keep themselves away from racism, but Janel has maintained silence.

It will be interesting to see if Jenny’s world becomes a big success in her hopes.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on a break.