Teddy Mellencamp responds after being asked why RHOBHHH fans have his head ** on Kyle **

Teddy Melenampamp answers a fan question. Peak Credit: Bravo

Teddy has spent roughly a season at Melankamp at Real Housewives in Beverly Hills and the situation is getting worse.

Since joining the actor four seasons ago, fans have changed their feelings towards the mother of three.

At first, Teddy was quite liked by the audience but after his first season on the show, things started to change.

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This is largely due to his apparent friendship with Ozzy, Kyle Richards.

Tedio was the one who revealed the rumors of Brandy Glanville’s relationship with Dennis Richards and another woman during a trip to Rome.

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And viewers feel the actress is being raped for exposing the bomb to the public – as opposed to dragging her aside and giving her news.

Now Teddy is fielding lots of negative comments on social media, but recently he had an interesting response to a particular fan question.

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Fans 0 Teddy Why Kyle is getting his head up a **

We already know that RHOBH fans can be ruthless. In fact, no one knows better than Teddy Melankamp.

Recently a social media troll asked a nasty question about her friendship with Kyle Richards.

During a recent Q&A on her Instagram page, the Accountability Coach encouraged people to post their questions and was extremely rude to an IG user to ask, “Why do you have ** Kyle in your head? Do you have anything at all?”

Well, Teddy took the opportunity to respond to the troll by saying, “Thank you, Troll for joining us and for coming up with such a real question. What a great thing.”

He also jokingly shed light on the question, “So far one of his ** I could have just made up this Insta story, but somehow I did it.”

The post ended on Teddy’s Instagram page, but the exchange was captured by a US magazine.

Teddy jumps at the haters

The 39-year-old applauded the haters through social media for the first time.

A few weeks ago he also reacted to a person willing to harm his family.

Teddy shared a long video reprimanding the haters.

“You don’t always have to agree with me. You don’t even have to like me, but someone wants to die and take it to the next level, “Teddy wrote.

“Please watch the show. Enjoy, ”he added.

“It’s entertainment and our lives can be crazy! Choose your faults and your villains, smile, cry, be related, etc. Human but wishing for someone else’s death is so wrong. I hope those who follow me or those who come in trolls understand and respect that it needs to stop. “

Beverly Hills Reunion Real Housewives Part 2 Bravo airs Wednesday, September 9 at 9/8 C in Bravo.

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