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The technology untrustworthy hearing is likely to be postponed due to hearing the testimony of Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday. Acclaimed civil rights leader Rep. The hearing clashed with the John Lewis Memorial.

Cook is one of four technology giant CEOs to testify as part of a year-long investigation into whether Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook have been found guilty of illegal conduct.

Protocol report.

Lewis will lie down in the state of Rotunda in the capital on Monday, congressional leaders announced, and there will be an invitation-ceremony for him at 11:30 p.m. ET – The hearing was scheduled to begin in an hour and a half.

Many committee members would like to pay tribute to Lewis, and it is possible that Cook and other CEOs are willing to do the same.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but sources close to the case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The committee is temporarily trying to hold a hearing by the week of August 3, sources said.

John Lewis

Lewis was one of the “Big Six” civil rights leaders in charge of the famous March for For Jobs and Freedom march in Washington. It was from here that Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his keynote speech, I Have a Dream, which led to the abolition of racial segregation in the United States. Lewis also led Celta to the Montgomery March where armed Alabama police attacked unarmed protesters, including Lewis, in an incident known as Bloody Sunday.

Lewis was elected to Congress in 1986 and served 117 terms. He has received many honors throughout his life, including 50 honorary degrees, the Doll Leadership Award, four Independence Awards, the Golden Plate Award, the John Heinz Award, the Justice for All Awards, the Liberty Medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Profile in Courage Award. , Wallenberg Medal and Walter P. Rather Humanitarian Award. When he attended President Obama’s inauguration, the president presented him with a picture of the ceremony, entitled “Because of You John.”

Anti-technology hearing

Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are all under investigation. In Apple’s case, the App Store’s policies and commissions are a source of concern.

Most of Apple’s distrust issues center in the app store, but not all: the company that acts as an effective monopoly, is able to force developers to pay a 15% or 30% commission on all app sales, app purchases and subscriptions – and Apple’s own Able to give applications and services a competitive advantage over third parties.

Apple has so far denied all wrongdoing, and has largely refused to change the way it handles it. For several years, the only exception was reducing commissions for application subscriptions, which increased from 30% to 15% the following year.

I argue that Apple needs to work before it can be forced to defend its reputation.

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