Team Canada creates problems for NBA free agents in 2021 Olympic qualifiers

Good news and bad news for fans of the Canadian men’s basketball team on Thursday afternoon.

Beginning with good news: The FIBA ​​has announced that the Olympic Qualifiers will be held from June 29 to July 20, 2021, and that Canada will still host the event.

Even better, Victoria’s beautiful location, BC, will host OQT and the preliminary draws and groups for the Canadian tournament will remain the same.

That means Canada will have to sit at home for a while for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and win the likes of Greece, China, Uruguay, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

A tough job, of course, but Canada can theoretically work with the kind of talent in the NBA, certainly not impossible.

Which then leads us to bad news.

Due to the enduring effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, even if all players wanted to adapt, Canada would not have the opportunity to fully charge.

This is because, given all the controversy surrounding the 2020-21 season, which began sometime in December, play-level teams like NBA Jamal are likely to go on to play with key Canadian players. Murray, Dillon Brooks, Shy Gilgius-Alexander and Dwight Powell are all likely to be in the middle of the postseason, as Team Canada prepares for the tournament at the training ground.

And considering some of the status of future contracts for Canadian NBA talents turns out to be a bigger picture for Canadian basketball.

In the lower season of 2021, seven Canadian NBA players, excluding two-band Oshaye Briset, Lugiants Dort and Naz Mitro-Long: Nickel Alexander-Walker, RJ Barrett, Khela Birch, Chris Boucher, Brandon Clarke, Gilziেলn

Of the seven, Alexander-Walker, Barrett, Clarke, Gilgius-Alexander and Cabegel will continue to sign early contracts with the team’s initial options, meaning they will only be able to hold on to their existing clubs without a club, but there is still a risk, especially Uncertainty about what a carnivirus compensation plan might look like Eat.

As for Birch and Boucher, Birch has been able to become an unlimited free agent at the end of the 2020-21 season, which means he will probably not be in a contractual position for Team Canada without signing an extension with Orlando Magic. Is resolved. Boucher, meanwhile, will account for a limited free agency in the short season of 2021, and will have a similar deal with Birch if he doesn’t get an extension with the Toronto Raptor in advance.

Corey Joseph also has a 2021-22 contract that is only partially guaranteed and could be barred from applying to Team Canada if he enters into a lengthy contract negotiation to try to secure his contract in full.

In other words, shifting the date of the 2021 Olympic qualifiers without turning the world on its head and not waiting for the OKT this coming summer creates a lot more potential headaches for Canadian basketball players to get to Victoria. The next opponent

As always, it just feels like Canadian basketball and not especially the Canadian men’s basketball team break.

It’s great that Canada still has an OQT and the city of Victoria hasn’t been deprived of accommodation, but it’s hard to be disappointed by spending again on a disabled version of Team Canada.

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