Taoichech supports the introduction of broadcasting charges for the replacement of TV licenses

Taoisek Michelle Martin is backing the introduction of a new broadcasting charge.

The tariff, which will replace the € 160 television license, aims to fund public service broadcasting and independent journalism.

Even if it is not a TV, it must be provided to all families

This means it applies to those who watch TV on laptops and tablets on traditional devices.

It is estimated that 10% of households access content on alternative devices that do not require a television license.

It is currently a Media Futures on Commission, Which is expected to be reported back in the summer of 2021.

Mr Martin said he had always believed in bringing charges of broadcasting.

“It’s not just a government service broadcast, it’s the media in general.”

He said it was his view that the method of payment should be ring-fenced.

“I think the modern media is under threat from the whole force and I think we can create greater freedom around journalism and the media.

“And I think public service broadcasting has a key role to play in a country’s democracy.”

He also said he would support ring-bound funds for investigative journalism.

He added that journalists need to be paid more.

“If you’re a young man in college and you’re interested in being a journalist, you have to have a clear, meaningful career path to journalism,” he explained.

He said such a fund has never been more important, focusing on the proliferation of different types of news and fake news sources on social media platforms.

“This is a process that I support. Others may have different options, so we will wait for the outcome of the commission’s report.”

Original image of Maria_Dominia from Pixabay

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