Tania Maduro will not take Singin Colchester’s last name, saying she will not accept it anymore

Is Tania Maduro discussing her relationship after Happy? Peak Credit: TLC

Tania Maduro and Singin Colchester have been making waves since their first appearance in the 90-day fiancee in November.

Tania Singin, from Connecticut, met local Singin from South Africa while on vacation in her homeland. The two of them stopped it and decided to go to Tania’s mother’s shed together before they tied the knot.

But there was trouble in paradise for the two of them-when Tania hired a relationship astrologer for a reading, she confessed to Singin that she didn’t see him as her soul mate. The admission apparently hit Singin, who gave up his life in South Africa and traveled halfway around the world through Tania.

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Problems in their relationship continue this 90-day season Engagement: Ever After Happiness? And one fan is looking for another reason to question Tania’s commitment to the relationship.

One fan accused Tania of not committing to Singin

In a recent Instagram post, a fan called on Tania not to take the title of Singin, which she saw as a reflection of Tania’s lack of investment in relationships.

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“Why is he still swinging his first name?” Fan asked. “Oh yes he’s his own soul mate.”

Tania, of course, was not. She has always been outspoken about her beliefs and women’s rights and feminism are extremely important to her. He made it clear to fans that neither he nor Singin wanted to change their names after the wedding.

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Tania’s Instagram post with fan comments. Peak Credit: @Tania.Maduro / Instagram

“I gave him my last name,” Tania explained. “She likes to keep her.”

It wasn’t the most direct response, but what Tania said got her message across. Maduro-College Chester is happy with their names and doesn’t feel the need to change them.

The couple faced other relationship challenges

Although it seems that both Singin and Tania are happy with their name, not everything is right for this couple.

Singin is still fighting over Tania’s Sunmet admission, Tania has taken up the issue of Singin’s excessive drinking.

The two also disagree on how fast their relationship should go; Tania has made it very clear that she wants to settle down soon and give birth to their child soon, but Singin is not ready enough for that kind of responsibility.

The couple’s problems were exacerbated when Tania was involved in a car accident that severely injured her legs, leaving her unable to work. Singin had to act as the pair’s only breadwinner, and the relationship was tough.

While fans have taken issue with some of the behavior of both Tania and Singin, many are still giving the couple roots to make it work. Whatever happens, it will almost certainly be on TV for us to watch.

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