Take a look at the mind of 3-year-old Indian girl Blow Jazz with an energetic dance routine

When she auditioned for five seasons of India’s Got Talent in 2014, Sarika Bijali was just three years old. She had a ton of energy to dance on stage with a traditional routine. People can’t believe how much talent he had at such a young age. Take a look at her unforgettable audition below.

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Sarika Bijli is a boy auditioning for ‘India’s Got Talent’

Sarika has been dancing since she was one and a half years old. She and her parents always dreamed of her becoming a dancer and thought that India’s Got Pratibha Mancha was the right place for her to achieve that dream. The best part is, he kept a smile on his face the whole time. Sarika received praise from the judges and advanced to the semifinals of the show. He has been featured in other dance performances found on YouTube like Ganesh Acharya Dance Academy.

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Sarika has grown all over now

Now at the age of nine, Sarikar’s Instagram bio reveals that she is still a dancer in India after appearing in India’s Got Talent. He recently posted a selfie with the caption “I am proud to be Indian. I love my India. “

She recently celebrated Raksha Bandhan with her family. This is the “full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan (full July / August), this festival Celebration Brother’s love for his sister. These days, sisters tie Rakhi Protect their brothers from evil influences on the wrists and pray for their long life and happiness. “

Sarika also posted this picture to show her flexibility on National Dance Day. It certainly looks like he’s still got some great steps to show for his all-year training.

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But the truth is, not much is known about Sarikar’s life after India’s Got Talent. Apparently he keeps the personal details rather private and various searches on the internet lack this same personal details. Did going viral help him start his career? While not much yet, it could happen soon.

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But whatever it is, this nine-year-old boy is living his best life and who knows, maybe we will see him play another ‘Got Talent’ franchise like the bad salsa of future India. They recently appeared in Season 15 of American Got Talent and, like many Sarikars, started practicing dance at a very young age. If you want to know more about bad salsa, be sure to watch the video below.

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