Take a look at Blue Joyce’s alternatives for temporary housing in 2020

TORONTO – The Toronto Blue Joyce will have to find a place to play 30 home games this season after the federal government rejected their plans to use the Rogers Center on Saturday.

Take a look at the prospects for the team during the epidemic:

Buffalo, NY – Buffalo News reported last week that the Blue Jays could not use Sahelen Field with an ownership group related to their Triple if they could not use the Rogers Center. A few minutes away from Port Bridge is Fort Erie, Ant. Buffalo News reports that Alo will probably need an upgrade for the television and there are concerns about the tightness of the facility. There are plenty of downtown Buffalo hotels near the stadium. There have been more than 406,000 cases of COVID-19 in New York State, but the epidemic has hit even more severely before the epidemic, especially in the New York City area. Erie County (where Buffalo is located, and about eight hours drive to New York City) alone has more than 8,000 cases.

Dunedin, Fla. – TD Ballpark, the spring-training home of Neil Joyce since its first day in 1977, was renovated this year. The Blue Jays said earlier this summer that Dunedin was their most likely location if they could not use the Rogers Center, but in recent weeks Florida has been hit hard by COVID-19, with some calling the state’s new center a virus. There have been more than 333,000 positive tests in Florida, and more than 13,000 in Pinellas County (where Dunedin is located).

In any case in the United States – They don’t have to use any related benefits like Neil Zed’s Buffalo or Denidin. With the cancellation of minor league baseball this year, Neil J could sign a deal with either team. Low COVID-19 rates and improved features may persuade Jed to explore other locations. There is also the possibility of sharing a big-league stadium with another team, although the convenient location for social distance can be a challenge with two home teams.

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