/System of a Down drummer calls Black Lives Matter a “propaganda tool.”

System of a Down drummer calls Black Lives Matter a “propaganda tool.”

(Photo: Greg Waterman)

System of a down Drummer John Dalmayon Apparently likes the court debate. Drummer fired Black Live Matter “Democratic Party as a fundraiser and propaganda tool” movement.

Dolmayan was on Instagram reacting to the murder Sekoria Turner The 7-year-old girl was killed when unknown assailants opened fire on her car. The car was reportedly shot at as it crossed the BLM protest barricade in Atlanta, Georgia.

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“Canada’s black life movement has not gained legitimacy in my eyes and has always been a Democratic Party’s fundraiser and propaganda tool,” said a member of the System of A Down, posted below the child’s photo. “Along with Antifar, they have presented themselves as enemies of the American people and have embraced the injustices perpetrated by a sensitive media and Moronic Hollywood elites who come to them at every opportunity. They will be brought to justice, but when? How many more innocents need to be killed before we come to our senses. ”

One commenter suggested that Drummer’s response was “playing a dangerous game of systematic racism in the United States.” “There is no systemic racism in the United States,” Dolmayan said, apparently doubling down. Give an example. “

These comments shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Dolmayan’s Instagram feed. In early June, he called the movement to destroy police departments “the stupidity I heard.” Such utterances flew in the face of the left-leaning output of the System of a Down – the lyrical philosophy of the confessed front man Serge Tankian. Both of them are very respectful of each other.

In an earlier post on his feed, the singer acknowledged the political differences between him and Dolmayan. (Dolmayan Tankian’s brother-in-law.) “Remember, regardless of location, only artists who are truly caring and sensitive will be at risk of splitting their base for what they consider to be the truth.”