/Sydney shoppers have been stabbed with masks

Sydney shoppers have been stabbed with masks

A 25-year-old man accused of torturing a security guard at a Sydney shopping center will face trial after he stabbed a pedestrian after telling a woman to wear a mask.

A woman and two children were at the Northwest Windsor shopping center on Tuesday night when guards asked the woman to wear a mask.

Police said he contacted the 59-year-old guard and punched him shortly afterwards.

A 53-year-old man intervened and the young man stabbed him in the leg, police said.

The customer and the guard stopped the man until the police arrived.

The man is in custody and was arraigned in Penrith local court on Wednesday, with several criminal charges against him.

On Wednesday, NSW received another carnivirus case locally, as authorities warned of a virus ban with mandatory masks in public indoor spaces such as shopping malls.

NSW authorities say the masks will remain mandatory for several weeks. Photo: Getty

Chief health officer Kerry Chant said it would probably take four weeks to cut “around” Sydney’s Berella and Avalon clusters.

“As much as we can adopt these Kavid-safe practices, the practice of wearing masks indoors, testing as soon as possible with a minimum of symptoms, maintaining physical distance, will mean that even if we don’t recognize it, it can spread to more than one person. Less likely

“It’s almost time to redouble our efforts as well as try not to relocate any community as soon as possible.”

There were more than 20,600 COVID tests at NSW during the 24-hour reporting period, which was better than Monday’s figures, prompting authorities to request more people to test.

Premier Gladys Berezklian also called on residents to be “on high alert” about the virus.

“We don’t want to see any super-seed events, we don’t want to see super-spreading events,” he said.

“We don’t want a show where no one knows they have a virus and they unknowingly continue it.”

The only case from Tuesday 24 hours to 8pm is a child who is in close contact with a previously confirmed case involving the Berella Bunch in West Sydney. It is now 28 people.

Six COVID-19 cases were uncovered at the NSW Hotel Quarantine.

Mrs Bereziklian also unveiled two mysterious incidents in Sydney this week – a seaweed-positive man who presented with symptoms of shortness of breath at Mount Druit Hospital, and his partner – Berela Bunch.

He also spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

“We have always said in the NSW – and we adhere to this policy – that we do not want our citizens to carry any more rules than they need.”

“If health counseling suggests that any day is a special time to relax the restrictions, we will certainly do so.

The intensive care ventilator has a KVID patient with NSW.

Public health alerts remain for dozens of hotspots, including a shopping center in Warriorwood, a post office in Harlestone Park and a workers’ club in Blacktown.

A casual contact warning was issued for the groomsman barber shop inside Warrior Shopping Center on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, the law and the northern region have lifted travel bans for residents of the central coast, Olang and parts of greater Sydney.

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