/Swedish expert: Irish lockdown ‘pushes serious issues into future’

Swedish expert: Irish lockdown ‘pushes serious issues into future’

A former state epidemiologist in Sweden has claimed that the coronavirus block in Ireland is pushing for more serious cases in the future.

Dr. Johann Gisekek further claims that the Irish perspective “destroys the fabric” of our society and economy.

Sweden has never been completely stagnant – instead, it has adopted a ‘soft’ approach.

They keep shops and restaurants open and rely on people to limit contact with other people.

More than 35,000 people have died there, but hopefully the second wave will save most people.

Dr Zitsek, who advised the Swedish government on his approach, told Newstock Breakfast that it was a better approach than the road Ireland was taking.

“For example, your neighbor, the United Kingdom, has more deaths per million than Sweden.

“And they’ve always had pretty serious consequences. It’s an example.”

“The other is pushing your business into the future – a lot of people get infected as soon as you open the lock.”

“But you can’t have a lockdown in Ireland for a year, it will be impossible.”

He said he believed everyone would eventually get the virus: “It causes all these respiratory infections – flu, measles and mumps.

“If there is a good vaccine, I am wrong – otherwise everyone will get it in the end.”

“I don’t think serial lock is a very good solution.

“You are destroying the fabric of your society and your economy – and you [pushing] Serious issues in the future. “

He added that when he agreed to flatten the curve through a lockdown, “they will not prevent people from being infected in the future.”

Swedish expert: Irish lockdown ‘pushes serious issues into future’

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Original image: Johan Zitske. Photo by: WHO