Surveillance cameras are the most important security feature of a home that is installed after swallowing the contents of the actual crime.

Boca Raton-based home security provider ADT surveyed 1,001 Americans using actual crime content.

Real crime has taken over popular culture, becoming a niche subject and becoming one of the favorite genres of entertainment and storytelling. But seeing or hearing the story or mystery of the real crime has entered our psyche and when we become aware of the need to protect our family our shopping habit goes to safety devices.


Studies have shown that women may have negative sensitive content after using this type of content. Compared to men, women experience their family security (31.3%), their security (27.7%) and anxiety, fear or embarrassment (24.4%, 23% and 22.2%, respectively). . Reading, watching or hearing the real crime.

Men were almost twice as likely as women to swallow real crime every day. The most popular formats were television shows (87%), movies (75.4%) and books (43%). More than 26% of citizens listen to real crime podcasts, which were twice as popular as the Millennium, with the baby boom.

More than two-thirds of Americans (699.1%) believed that incidents depicted in actual crime content could happen to their families. More than five out of five (44.1%) control nighttime blocks, with pepper spray including 1.4.4% and 15.6% going to the group alone.

Home security enhancements adopted by respondents included surveillance cameras (10% more men than women installed), door-to-door and security measures.

People are terrified, situations they can control and comfort by horror movies or TV shows, as well as excitement free and fearless shows. Knowing that these shows are not real can be fun and enjoyable horror stories.

Nearly two (57%) citizens said they preferred the content of the actual crime through footage or recordings, and about another (56.9%) said the footage or recordings indicated that there was a growing crisis in content.

More than two in five (44.3%) reported a break from actual crime content.

Surveys have shown that people who install security cameras are less likely to be alone at night – from 44.5% to 23.2%. Nightmares and hearing noises have also decreased since the installation of security cameras.

Security cameras can be very easy to install. Last week I installed an external security camera in less than 20 minutes and I am testing several internal cameras, I have more security.

If you need peace of mind, buy low cost security cameras. Then you see all the real crimes that you want to keep uncovered.

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