Superstar Reviving Old Feud, will the UU split up soon?

No superstar is shocked to see a revival of an old feud. In this case, there is an apparent beef between Finn Balor and Leo Rush and it has come alive again via Twitter.

Also, could the UU split into a big pair soon?

Superstar revival old quarrel?

If we move away from social media, a superstar can wake up to an old feud. Or, at least, it turns out that Leo Rush is trying to do it with Finn Balor.

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Let’s nip in this bud. না I had no beef with Finball. I texted you and said I don’t know where this story came from and your words are “I don’t want to say anything about it in public because it will draw more attention to the situation”. welp

– Leo (@itsLioRush) July 17, 2020

And then I told you @FinBallor that if you confuse the situation I would appreciate it because I thought the current wife was watching my son at your live events and we’ve been cool ever since. I knew you had the power / influence to do it. You never texted me and you never spread the story. Why?

– Leo (@itsLioRush) July 17, 2020

Now, we still don’t see the confirmation of exactly what this situation is that Rush hoped Baal would disperse. However, it didn’t take long for NXT to tweet back to Superstar Rush.

Balor’s response:

Leo, ive always like you very much both I have already said that there is no heat. I have chosen to live real life and not worry about what people make up online. I’m just tweeting this because I know it’s important to you, tell me x if you want to talk

– Finn Beller (@FinBaller) July 17, 2020

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So, while Rush was reportedly dissatisfied with Balur having beef, the now-former superstar hopes Balor has spread the rumor.

Seeing the fan comments, it seemed that Rush was being asked to pick up the phone and keep his business private.

Whatever the rumors, it seems that something is still bothering Leo Rush. Maybe it’s bothering him, or maybe he’s trying to keep his name out.

AUU soon split the Big Pairs?

What would be considered a big surprise, UU could soon split into a big pair.

Such a big pair? How about Brian Cage and the Crown.

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It had never happened before that Tony Khan went on social media to hype a shocking announcement for Fighter Fest.

Of course, the news was that Taj brought the FTW Belt to AW and inaugurated Brian Cage as the new FTW Champion.

Cage challenged Jon Moxley for the AOW Championship last Wednesday. Cage lost when Taj threw the towel at him.

Now, we hear that UU can already share them.

According to WrestlingNews, this is actually being kicked around.

To further the rumors, Cage published this tweet. This is likely to take the story further but it will still be a curious move.

It’s been several days, and those official tattoos and I have been following behind. I considered releasing him from his duties and wanted to do it right after the match. I’ll wait and see how I feel after the weekend.

– Brian Cage (@MRGMSI_BCB) July 17, 2020

In addition, AADU personality Jim Ross made some interesting remarks about the crown and cage and the FTW belt at the Basted Open Show.

In this presence, Ross pointed out a few things, all of which could lead to a reconsideration of the AUU pairing.

Presented with the belt, Brian Cage didn’t seem really caring. If wrestlers aren’t excited about any titles or honors, fans won’t take care of them either.

Literally and metaphorically the crown can surpass the cage several times. Ross pointed to some camera angles from recent shows, as well as some publicity.

Taj is a great personality. The cage seems to have a bright future.

These will eventually appear as scheduled matches.

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