Sucker Punch Details Sushima’s Ghost of Katana Sword Gameplay, New Short Trailer Released

Speaking of their upcoming PS4 exclusive title, Ghost of Tushima, Sakar Punch has revisited the engine.

Today, developers took to the PlayStation Blog in detail detailing the experience of Katana Swordplay players during the highly anticipated title game Up to this point, there hasn’t really been any discussion of how the gameplay works, but we’ve seen plenty of gameplay footage, both stealth and action.

The post that was detailed today was full of a huge ton of details about how Ghost of Tushima is going to play. Developer Sukar Punch wanted to create an epic samurai fantasy, and it seems they are becoming more realistic in combat. The post contains a detailed description, but I’ve highlighted parts of the discussion about switching locations, health solutions, and more.

Watch the Solve Health trailer below:

We also realized that we could overcome enemy attacks. When one enemy attacks, the other enemy may end. We tune the subjects so that each of Jin’s enemies can have enough time at the front as well as attack, just as the samurai movies inspired us, but the offensive sequence will sometimes have two or even three attackers.

Check out the Stance Swap trailer below:

Here is a video clip that shows the player changing position as he moves between enemies. Jean uses Stone Stance to finish a swordsman quickly – Stone Stance is his ancestral style, which was developed to fight other swords, so it works well against Mongol swords – then quickly switches to Water Stance for an opening against Fencing. The strategies that Jin practiced for decades proved to be ineffective against the Mongol ielders, and he took a position of despair.

If you want to discuss the ghost of Sushima’s gameplay in more detail, check out the full blog post here!

In related news, Sony and developer Sucker Punch Productions recently held their own state-of-the-art Ghost of Sushimar.

The event lasted about 20 minutes long and featured plenty of new footage, which looks great. Don’t worry if you miss it directly, because the whole stream has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. If you still want to check out the new gameplay, you probably should and you can do it right here!

Ghosh of Sushimar is set to be released exclusively on July 17 for PlayStation 4. He let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog

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