Stimulus Check Round 2: Jobs’ report on Thursday may be original

WASHINGTON (Next) – If you’re hoping for a second round of stimulus relief among millions of Americans, you’ll want to take a closer look at an original report due to be released on Thursday.

A new report from The Hill says additional financial support could be strengthened in Thursday’s monthly work report.

The May report found that the country had achieved 2.5 million jobs. If this growth trend continues in June, many analysts believe that lawmakers will pass the second round of stimulus checks, pointing to the early signs of economic recovery.

Hill said lawyers are more likely to extend the increased benefits of unemployment that is currently approaching sunset at the end of July.

Second stimulus check: Trump says ‘very generous’ payments could be announced soon 600ucbru003e

“They’re not crashing the market, they’ve seen a better report than expected last month and so their focus has been on a lot of (a) job descriptions,” said Ben Colton, in an interview with The Hill, a senior research analyst at Bacon Policy Advisors in Washington. . “If there are reports of bad work – and when you see more people out of work than last month – then more Republicans at the conference may be persuaded to spend more broad support and more stimulus than they are talking about right now.” “

Despite President Donald Trump’s recent remarks that a “very generous” second round of economic relief for Americans may be announced soon, the lawmakers we’ve talked about are divided on the way forward.

Democratic Illinois Congressman Jesus Garcia is in favor of another round of relief and warns that the epidemic is not over.

“Undoubtedly we owe it to the American people,” Garcia said. “High unemployment rates across the country are justified in favor of at least one more stimulus check and an increase in unemployment insurance benefits.”

“We need the support of our states, our local governments. They’ve lost 20% or more of their income, “added Jim Costa, a Democratic congressman from California.” Our spike in COVID-19 is growing in many states across the country, including California.

Second stimulus check: Cudlow says potential checks should go to people ‘in most cases’ 3003cbru003e

Unlike the federal government, which freely orrons to run its activities, states have to balance their budgets every year, which usually forces them to cut spending in the current weak times, which is harmful for both conservative and liberal economists to agree on.

There is a broad idea in Congress that in addition to the proposed COVID-19 rescue bill next month, there will be state and local assistance at the center of another 00 30,000 billion, or about 1, 1,200 more incentive checks.

But skeptics of a larger state aid package say more flexibility was needed to use the ১৫ 150 billion in state aid installments enacted in March, and that states will use their rainy day funds, which would have been filled to the brim with অর্থ 100 billion in cash in good economic times.

Tip Burket, R-Ten. The extra unemployment bonus called for a safe return to work instead of continuing.

“Right now in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, they’re offering a ড 1,000 signature bonus for servers at restaurants because if you’re getting $ 500 or $ 600 a month to stay home, you’ll be at home. It’s just human nature,” Burchett said. “It simply came to our notice then. We are removing the treasury at a record pace, trillions of dollars in debt. America needs to work again. ”

Second stimulus check: Lawyers get mixed up with who gets the money and when

Skeptics of a larger state aid package say more flexibility was needed to use the ১৫ 150 billion in state aid installments enacted in March, and that states will use their monsoon funds, which were more than 100 billion in cash in good economic times.

However, increased COVID-19 case loads in states such as Texas, Florida and Arizona threaten to exacerbate the worsening second-wave virus and prolong the economic devastation of state and local budgets that will be even more detrimental to the economy. More federal assistance is needed to reduce the potential loss of millions of jobs.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate would consider a second stimulus package in July and blamed Democrats for practicing “political drama.”

“As you may have heard, I said back in March that we would look at this again… probably in July গ্রহণ take a snapshot of where we are, on the healthy front and on the economic recovery front, and decide at that moment what more needs to be done. , ”McConnell said.

Congress and the Senate will retire from July 3 to July 20. The Senate is unlikely to consider any additional relief package before July 20.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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