Stephen Mayer announces a new book called “Northern Twilight” from Edward’s point of view “Twilight”

Twilight Saga is not over yet!

On Monday, May 4, Twilight writer Stephen Mayer hinted at what an ominous calculation on his website – a new Twilight companion book!

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The new book is known as The Northern Sun and was published in August 2020. The new novel will mirror the events of Tobelight’s first book, but this time in the language of Edward Cullen, illustrated by Robert Pattinson. Movies.

Myers said in Monday’s “Good” Morning America section, “It’s crazy now, and I’m sure it wasn’t the right time to write this book, but some of you waited so long,” “I don’t think you should wait any longer. Sorry for the bad time. Hopefully this book can be distracting from the real world. I am so happy that I will finally be able to share it with you. “

Of course, longtime fans of the “Epic Vampires” drama series will know that North Sun has been coming to the author for a long time. In 2006, Maya forged a book for the first time and published a partial draft of the first chapter on her website. “There’s so much more to him in the story than White in this first chapter,” Meyer once wrote on his website. “Bella’s first day at Forks High School is a hundred times more interesting than hers.”

By November 2011, Meyer’s book series had sold more than 120 million copies worldwide. In 2006, the first book was adapted into a feature film starring Robert Pattinson and Christina Stewart. The rest of the films were released in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and together grossed around ৩ 3.3 billion worldwide.

BREAKING: 15 years after the publication of the first novel in the “Twilight” story, author Stephen Mayer returns readers to Washington’s Forks with his new book “Midnight Sun”

– Good Morning America (এমGMA) May 4, 2020

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