Steelers win AFC North as chiefs lock down AFC’s top seed

Kansas City, Md. – Kansas City topped the AFC and only play-off by when Patrick Mahoms was 1-14-1 against Atlanta on Sunday. Demarcus made a 25-yard touchdown pass to Robinson just 2 minutes into the win.

The Chiefs had to keep an eye out as pro bowler kicker Yongho Cook tied the field-goal effort with 9 seconds left to survive.

The Chiefs (14-1) won their NFL-record seventh straight one-possession game and matched a franchise record with their 10th straight win. They took any seeding drama outside of games related to Pittsburgh and Buffalo and will have to bid farewell to the AFC in the first round after the start of the post-season in the second week.

The Falcons (4-11) took the lead when Matt Ryan Lacon attacked Treadwell to take the lead to 43:33 in a 5 yard touchdown. But Mahoms sought out Travis Kells – who had a record-setting game of his own – to set up a TD pass at Robinson. And when the Falcons moved in another direction at the last second, the Kansas City defense co-forced the 39-yard kick.

Instead of moving to overtime, the Falcons have gone home with their seventh loss of six points or less this season.

Mahoms finished with two touchdowns, including a 278-yard pass and an interception. Kells had 97 yards and seven catches for a score, giving him 1,426 yards for the break, breaking George Kettle’s record on the NFL hard edge.

Steelers 28, Colt 24

PITTSBURGH (AP) – The Steelers locked the divisional title as Ben Rothlsberger went through a month-long standoff for 342 yards and three second-half touchdowns.

Uninterrupted and lifeless throughout the week in a three-match losing streak that began 11-0, Pittsburgh (12-3) somehow got it in the final 25 minutes against the Colts (10-5). Indianapolis missed an opportunity to move closer to the playoff berth when the 17-point third-quarter lead went behind.

During a recent slide in Pittsburgh, Rothlisberger, who considered Assam to be the worst and most ineffective, avoided it. He drew a dink-and-dunk approach that worked early in the season but became very predictable in December.

The 38-year-old quarterback kick-back started the comeback with Johnson’s 39-yard strike and brought the Steelers into a touchdown of an Air Ebron with a 5-yard pass. He gave Pittsburgh his first lead of the first half since December when he heard a play that threaded Juju Smith-Schuster through 2 colts with Rothlisberger from 2 yards to y: 336 with thread: 36.

Indianapolis, so influential in the first half, where it trailed the Steelers from 206-28, had two chances to reclaim the lead in the fourth quarter. The first drive ended with Philip Rivers throwing a barrier deep into the Pittsburgh area. The second is on the river bank.


SEATTLE (AP) – The Seahawks claimed the NFC West title, with Russell Wilson throwing a 13-yard TD pass to Jacob Hollist, leaving the score at 2:51.

Seattle (11-4) has won the first division title since 201 and is the fifth since Pete Carroll made a great defensive effort in 2010 and behind Wilson’s engineered clutch late drive.

Seattle’s quarterback ran for 4 yards for a 13-lead lead in the opening drive of the second half. But the final drive was Wilson’s best: Wilson hit five different receivers for five yards on the drive.

Wilson left a bit to connect with Hollister, who stopped short of the same last area inch in the final game of the 1st Week against San Francisco a year ago. That gave the 49ers division division.

Wilson finished 20 of 225 yards 32. But when Wilson started Seattle 5-0 early in the season, the victory was given to the defense. Seattle rocked Jared Goff, the Rams run stopped play and put Los Angeles down (9–6) points in the season.

Carolina 20, Washington 13

Landover, Md. (AP) – Dwayne Huskins returned the ball three times before the bench, Steven Sims returned a pair of pants that turned into a Panthers touchdown and Washington blew away the first chance to clichকে NFC East.

Huskins was between 28 and 14 years old after starting in place of injured veteran Alex Smith despite violating COVID-19 protocol last week. After snatching his captaincy and fining him করার 40,000 for partying without a mask, he snatched the ball from Marquis Haynes in the first quarter and returned it to Tahir Whitehead and Trey Boston in the second.

Meanwhile, Washington’s defense alone allowed two Panthers touchdown drives and 202 yards in the first half. If FedEx had fans on the field, they would have taken Washington (6-9) off the field at halftime.

Coach Ron Rivera pulled Huskins down to 14 early in the fourth quarter and gave the ball to Taylor Heinick for his first NFL action since 2013 with Carolina. Heinke had 12 of 19 for relief at 19 yards and JD McKichi threw a TD pass of 29. yards with 1:50 left.

Carolina (5-10) was knocked out in the tri-game skid.

Copbice 37, AG Gal 17

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) – Andy Dalton threw 377 yards and three touchdowns, Michael Gallup two and the Cowboys survived the NFC East playoff battle.

The Cowboys (6–9) won their third game in a row and Carolina still has a chance to win the division with a 20-30 win over Washington, confirming that a team in the worst division of the NFL will not have a winning record with

Dallas could beat Washington (6–9) with a win over the New York Giants and a win over the Aggols in the final weekend of the regular season. If Washington loses, the Giants (5-10) can enter by beating the Cowboys.

The Gols (4-10-1) took a 14-3 lead in the first quarter after being hit in the ankle by Dishan Jackson’s 61-yard touchdown in the first game in two months and they could have controlled the playoff chances against Washington.

Ravens 27, Gents 13

BALTIMORE (AP) – Lamar Jackson led four score drives in the first half of the decision. Baltimore’s fourth straight victory, with a win over Indianapolis in Pittsburgh, led the Ravens to the Colts in the AFC wild-card hunt. With a win in Cincinnati next week, the Ravens (10-5) will reach the playoff berth for the third year in a row.

The Giants (5-10) lost their third straight and did not miss a single chance to make it later in the season.

Jackson instructed the Ravens to touchdown on their first two assets, then took the next two drives to a field-goal position to lead 20-30 halftime.

That was enough to beat the struggling Giants team that had a total of 13 points in its previous two games and has made just two touchdowns in the last three weeks.

Daniel Jones started the quarterback for New York after missing two of the last three games with hamstring and ankle injuries. His passing number – 242 for 252 yards – reflected the heavy pressure he received from the relentless crowd in Baltimore.

Ravens had six sacks and Jones was taken out of his pocket several

Jets 23, Browns 16

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ (AP) – After this loss, the Brownes will have to beat the Archival Steelers next Sunday if they are to end the NFL’s longest play-off drought.

Mayfield tried to go first down in the drive for a possible tie score with 1-18 left and short-handed Brown (10-5) in the fourth-O-1. Tarel Basham pushed the ball into him and lost the ball. Kerem Hunt recovered, but as a rule, Mayfield was the only one who could take the ball forward – and the quarterback was shorter than the first down.

The Jets (2-13) sealed their second straight win after a 0-13 start, losing all chances for the top overall draft picture.

It was a rough week for the Browns, who have not been out of the season since 2002 and entered without seven players, including Jarvis Laundry and three other wide receivers, and left-hander Jedrick Will of the Joke. Cleveland had to call in several players from the practice team and team coach Kevin Stefansky took a walk in a parking lot near the team hotel to get some new players to speed up the game plan.

Despite being short-handed, the Browns nearly eliminated a 20-3 deficit. But the jets were able to hang.

Jamison Croder grabbed a touchdown pass and threw one to a Braxton Barrios in a razor-sharp game, and Sam Darnold threw a touchdown pass to Chris Harendon.

Bears 41, Jaguars 17

Jacksonville, Fla. (AP) – The Jaguars took care of business, losing their 14th game in a row and then got some help securing the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Hello, Trevor Lawrence!

Mitchell Trubiski had three scores, including two touchdown passes from Jimmy Graham, and the Bears controlled their northern run after the season. Despite a six-game losing streak in Chicago in 2020, the NFC could play off for the second time in three years by beating Green Bay next week at home.

The Jaguars (1-14) averaged a franchise record for consecutive losses, shortly after the New York Jets beat Cleveland 23-1-16 to become the top in franchise history for the first time.

That means the day Jacksonville reached the worst skid in franchise history could end up being a potential game changer for a small-market team that has spent the better part of the last two decades searching for a franchise quarterback.

The only thing that stands out between Jacksonville and Lawrence is the Clemson star officially becoming a decision that is expected after the Tigers ’college football playoffs end their season.

Chicago got 26 unanswered points to start the second half, so far ahead Nick Falls was able to stop the game against his previous team.

Chargers 19, Bronx 16

Inglewood, California (AP) – Justin Herbert set a rookie record for most touchdown passes in a season. Michael Badley tied the top of his career with four field goals, with 41 seconds left, including a winning kick.

Hartbert’s 9-yard screen pass in the second quarter was Austin Eckler’s 28th touchdown throw of the season, surpassing Baker Mayfield’s 27 for Cleveland in 2018.

Herbert, the sixth overall pick taken in the April draft and the third QB, completed 21 of 33 passes for 253 yards. He became the fourth player to throw more than 4,000 yards as a camouflage, joining Andrew Luck, Cam Newton and James Winston.

Badgelly came into the game with his last seven of three goals on the field, but was perfect in his four attempts on Sunday. After Brandon McManus won it at 16 with a 52-yard field goal, the Chargers (6-9) reached 19 in the Broncos and won it from 37 yards on a third-year kick.

Denver (5-10) tied it with scores on three straight assets.

Bengals 3 37, Texans 31

HOUSTON (AP) – Samje Perein ran two touchdowns, two yards late and three yards late, to give the Bengals their first road win in more than two years.

The Texans (4-11) were driving after Perrin’s second score when Desha Watson fired Sam Hubbard, forcing Margus Hunt to recover. The Bengals added a field goal to seal the victory.

This is the first road for second-year coach Jack Taylor and the Bengals (4-10-1) have left Cincinnati for the first time since a 3-3-3 win in Atlanta on September 30, 2013. The Bengals got two wins for the first time this season after beating the Steelers 27-17 on Monday night.

The Texans led 31-27 with Darren Fells taking the two defenders to the final zone after a 22-yard reception in about six minutes. পেরিন, যার মৌসুমে উচ্চ 95 গজ ছুটেছিল, সিনসিনাটিকে যখন এগিয়ে যাওয়ার স্কোরের জন্য শেষ মুহুর্তে দু’মিনিটেরও কম সময় দিতেন তখন তিনি নেতৃত্ব দিয়েছিলেন।

ব্র্যান্ডন অ্যালেন হাঁটুর ইনজুরি নিয়ে গত সপ্তাহের খেলাটি হারিয়ে যাওয়ার পরে ফিরে এসেছিলেন এবং বেনগালের জন্য দুটি টাচডাউন সহ ক্যারিয়ারের উচ্চ -3 371 গজ ছুঁড়েছিলেন।

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