Star Wars: Squadrons won gold

Star Wars: Squadrons is a new video game coming from EA’s Motivation Studio. It is a game that puts players in the seat of a spaceship in a heated dogfight. Set right after Star Wars events: With the return of the JD, players will see a battle between the forces of the emerging new republic against the Galactic Empire. The game has a campaign that will put players in the role of a pilot for each force, but the game will have a heavy focus on multiplayer.

The game features a 5v5 multiplayer game mode where players will not only fight against each other in the space dogfight but also carry the flagship fleet aimed at winning the battle. So far, the game is set to launch in October of this year and don’t believe this game will be late.

Ivan Frazier, the creative director behind Steve Wars Motive Studios: Squadrons took to his Twitter account to warn fans waiting for the game. Looks like Star Wars: Squadrons has officially hit gold status which is a big achievement for every studio. This is the case when a game development studio is involved with game development and game discs can be created. Now you can expect EA to start printing discs for a release in October.

Currently, it looks like we’re releasing Star Wars: Squadrons for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on October 2, 2020. So far, we’re not sure if this game will see a release on next-generation platforms or Motivo Studios. Whether the game continues to evolve for platforms.

Source: Twitter

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