Star Wars author Pablo Hidalgo apologizes in Mandorian for the “unspoken” mockery of Luke Skywalker’s affection for the cameo.

Disney Star Wars writer Pablo Hidalgo has apologized for commenting on fans’ emotions after his comments spread controversy everywhere.

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The controversy began on December 26, when Twitter user @FelaHomstDew tweeted a screenshot of a recent video of YouTuber Star Wars Theory, which showed YouTuber shedding tears of joy and joy as he watched the heroic action return.

Based on their own subsequent interpretations, it is thought that the film was first posted to ridicule the recording of his emotional response to Star Wars Theory. Although @FellasHomestev deleted their tweets before properly archiving, Disney Star Wars is Dumb was able to capture screenshots of their relevant posts.

This tweet finally caught the attention of Hidalgo, who wrote in a tweet deleted on his personal account that “not in favor of sharing emotions.”

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In response to Hidalgo, @ Fella Homestedve asserted that “if you are forced to react sensitively to Star Wars by all means, it should be one!”

“Hail I almost cried to Crete in the theater and I’ve never cried in any movie of my life,” they made it clear that their criticism was directed at performing artificially recovering (hints) for millions of your followers before! ”

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While some believed that Hidalgo’s tweet was a satire but ultimately an attempt at a helpful joke, arguing that the author was sincerely mocking those who held the opinion, many took it as a real insult to the overwhelmed fans by returning to Star Wars Theory. Their favorite fictional heroes.

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“Pablo Hidalgo is tweaking this thread to make fun of me for being passionate about Luke Skywalker,” Star Wars Theory explained to his followers. “I don’t think anything of the trolls, but I don’t see what he said and I hate to believe he will join as a Lucasfilm official.”

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When the questionable tweet was finally presented to Star Wars Theory, he said, “Well, here it is. Pablo has legitimized the post and is hurting my feelings.”

“More was expected from someone so high in Lucasfilm,” he added. “It’s really true to see.”

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In Buffalo, Hidalgo proceeded to change his Twitter headline to a screenshot of his controversial tweet, which prompted Star Wars Theory to question “How is this acceptable to anyone at a high level in Lucasfilm?”

“Are you telling people that it’s okay to be passionate about the work your company does and you make fun of them for crying?” He asked. “Not right.”

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As anger against Hidalgo began to grow, the author took to Twitter again, “making it clear that my post that” emotion cannot be shared “was satirical self-satire and certainly not intended to harm anyone” He is “deeply sorry” for the injuries caused by the tweet.

Hidalgo said, “As a lifelong fan, I admire fans for revealing how they read,” “That’s what being a fan is all about!”

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Hidalgo then encouraged fans to continue their comments and express their views, adding, “We can’t be together in a movie theater or convention right now, so express yourself online!”

“(In fact, those of us who are not at risk of this kind of exhibition will live in silence through your energy,” he said).

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A member of the Star Wars story group has changed its title, removed a screenshot of his tweet, and will replace it with an enlarged image of what looks like a tree on a residential street.

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