Stadia Changelog: Football Manager 2021 rated and much more

The year 2021 has arrived and with this the first full year of Stadia will come to an end. Of course, the holiday break was a quiet time to update and announce new games, but there were still a few things to keep in mind. Things happened at the stadium in the last week of 2020, including some good news about Football Manager 2021 here.

“Stadia Changelog,” presents our new weekly series where we came to Stadia Key Games last week, rated the key games for the platform, and released updates for the platform games.

New games and updates

Without posting “Stadia this week” this week, no new games are coming to Stadia until 2020. Somewhat embarrassing to be sure, especially as many had hoped for the arrival of games like Madden 21, but this should come as no surprise. Hopefully, this means that 2021 will bring some big debuts!

Along the same lines, there are no new game updates at Stadia this week. Note that this also includes the relentless lack of Cyberpunk 2077 v1.06. The update for PC and consoles was released at the moment a week ago, but the third party responsible for the game at Stadia, CD Project Red and QLOOK, has been silent on the update.

Games are coming to the stadium

On New Year’s Eve, football fans got some potentially great news about the stadium. A few months after his debut on other platforms, Football Manager 2021 was rated PEGI for Stigia. Previously, the game was rated for the ERSB and USK platforms, and now PEGI has shut down three regulatory authorities. Does that mean the football director is coming to the 2021 stadium? Lack of official confirmation, it certainly seems! Stay tuned, we’ll update you with any further improvements.

Before 2020 closes, Google has confirmed that a new title will arrive in 2021. Monster Energy AMA Supercross 4 is coming to the platform on March 11, 2021, about a month later than the previous installment, which arrived on February 4.

Our favorite games of 2020

As the end of 2020 draws to a close, instead of talking about the games we’re playing at Stadia this week, we thought it would be fun to talk about the games that have had the most impact on us over the years.

Listen to Ben – ORCS must die 3, risk of rain 2

2020 has probably been my biggest gaming year, thanks in part to the fact that it’s not quite the literal sense of my work. Looking back this year, I quickly realized that the two stadia titles were the most effective for me.

The first of these was Orcs Must Die 3, the first title in the stadia that really caught my attention and kept me interested for a few weeks. As I mentioned in my review of Stadia Exclusive, Orox Must Die 3 continues to be addictively fun and fun time with friends for an extension pack. It was this game that drew me to Stadia as my primary platform, showing me how great cloud gaming can be.

Outside of that, though, Risk Rain 2 has had a big impact. Why? Exactly about 50 hours later it was definitely my biggest game to date at the stadium and and it was an explosion to play with my friends and even my wife. I’ve heard of the game in the past, but it wasn’t until I debuted at Stadia that I really dabbled in it and it allowed me more fun as I joined Pro. I could have probably enjoyed the risk of a torrential downpour of 2 on the steam, but its debut in the stadia pushed me to really try.

Damien Wild – PGA Tour 2K21

It’s absolutely hard to pick a favorite, I mention Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 – the second great game but I don’t “love” it as much as I thought it would. Truly PRA Tour 2K21 is probably my “favorite” because it fills a huge hole in my life the size of Tiger Woods 2004 and intelligently becomes easier to pick as a truly lapsed IRL golfer. Let’s hope we get a wider array of games in 2021, even though I was quite truthful about the Open-World title.

Kyle Bradshaw – Borderlands 3

Although Destiny 2 was the game I spent the most time with, and I can’t keep quiet about that game, my favorite stadia game of 2020 was Borderlands 3. Undoubtedly there were “better” games that were released last year, but Borderlands 3 That’s the game I was able to play with my wife and a dear friend of mine. 2020 was that Dumpster Fire was, limiting my opportunity to personally hang out with loved ones, I moved away from every opportunity to play Borderlands with this crew and tear up every new extension of the game.

Bradley Chambers – Cyberpunk 2077, JD: Fallen Order

I’m playing Star Wars JD: I got the Flan order after finishing cyberpunk and it became my first experience of a whole stadia life. Really I was able to play it on my laptop, but also on TV. I have two studio controllers, so I can easily get back to my laptop from different TVs. The day after Christmas, my wife and I were at my mother-in-law’s house and while my kids were playing with their new toy, I grabbed an extra 2019 MacBook Air and played an hour game. The skill of playing a game on a low-powered device, save it and know that I can easily get up in the same place at home is something that I could only dream of as a child. I have internet as fast as I can wherever I am in Stadia. I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings to the Stadia platform.

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