St. George Illavra Dragons, Cronulla Sharks Stop Trading on Kogarah

“Our players, our brands and our sponsors will be all over our dressing room. This is important because when the ‘bomber’ [coach John Morris] And the team goes there, it’s ours it’s it no one else, it’s ours ours

This is our home. It is a red and white house.

Paul McGregor

St. George Elvara coach Paul McGregor had nothing. Just like the coach who won last week, he provided a gentle digging about who was on the ground when he got injured in the half-volley on Friday.

“This is our home,” he said. “This is a red and white house.”

But for at least one night, that house will be away from the dressing shed.

“It will be different for them,” Majestesta laughed.

Earlier this week, there was even a suggestion that during the Dragon-Disrupted season, members of the Drugs would not be given the opportunity to participate in the game due to the crowd capacity.

The Sharks later faithfully gave the Red V a small assignment, but the weight of the numbers would be in their sum.

The Sharks have redesigned home dressing sheds for their clash against the Dragons at Cogra’s Netsprat Jubilee Oval.

Talking about who owns the field, the match is significant for the two clubs. They met at Campbelltown Stadium earlier this year when the Dragons won their first win of the year. The sharks will place a four-point buffer on the stairs in a reverse between them and the dragons.

St. George Illavra, the engineer who miraculously escaped against the Bulldogs last week, will start losing contact with finalists if he loses again.

“Every team in the competition wants to be at eight and when you’re at eight you want to be at four,” McGregor said. “We’re just taking it week after week and preparing ourselves well to give it the best chance to climb that ladder.

Six weeks ago we couldn’t do what we did in 20 minutes last week.

Paul McGregor

“Six weeks ago we couldn’t do what we did in 20 minutes last week. This is a good sign, a very good sign. “

Morris will make his debut to his nephew, Tag Wilton, who turned down large offers from rival clubs to stay in Shark. He came on the bench after Britain’s Nicora suspension last week.

Josh Dugan is also down from the count after being pulled to the medical team at 11pm on Friday. A hamstring injury means Dugan’s 200th game celebrations will be postponed by a week.

“I always wondered what it would be like in a father-son relationship [Ivan and Nathan] “It’s clear, but I don’t really see it at all … it’s a coach-player relationship,” Morris said on Friday. “He wasn’t given any leg-ups at all. He certainly got his shots. Praises and trusts him. “

Morris also expressed concern about the long delay in Branson Jerry’s B-sample on Friday, which was scheduled for testing on June 9.

On Friday, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Report reported that banned Australian swimmer Shayna reached out to Jack Jerry to offer support in the holdup. Jack told his lawyer, Tim Fuller, that he was under extreme pressure because of the uncertainty.


“Everyone will appreciate a process as soon as possible, so we just know what the next one will be,” Morris said. “I think it’s pretty hard for the Broncos to wait, unless it’s worth the wait.

“I think it’s been a really hard time for him … he’s not alone in all of this.”

The Dragons also lost to Tariq Sims due to a one-game ban for giving a shot to returning Keran Foran against Canterbury.

Both teams will observe a minute of silence following the death of St. George Illavara jersey flag player Stevenson Upulasi earlier this week. Upulsi spent some years in the development system of the Cronulla.

Adam Pengili is a sports reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald.

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