Spotify Now features Silent Hill soundtracks

Silent Hill fans will now be able to present some music from their favorite franchise live on Spotify. Looks like Konami is allowing soundtracks to be enjoyed by fans around the world and it comes just in time for the Dead by Cryover event. Now if you are planning to enjoy some Dead by daylight with the character and setting featuring Silent Hill, you can at least make the game more like a new Silent Hill experience with these melodies in the background.

While this is not what fans were expecting from the Silent Hill announcement, the use of Conmi Silent Hill’s character and settings has allowed Deadlight to be used by popular video games. If you are not aware, Dead by Daylight games include maps of Pyramid Head, Cheryl Mason and Midwich Elementary School. This is something fans will probably enjoy because this is the latest we saw from the Silent Hill franchise in a video game format.

There are a total of seven video game soundtracks from the Silent Hill franchise. Fans of mainly all the big video game titles can enjoy the whole soundtrack. Although we will determine which soundtracks are available below.

  • Silent Hill 2
  • Silent Hill 3
  • Silent Hill 4: Room
  • Silent Hill: Source
  • Silent Hill: Homecoming
  • Silent Hill: Fragile Memories
  • Silent Hill: Downpore

Meanwhile, fans are still hoping that a new Silent Hill title will be unveiled. There have been lots of teas and rumors of a new Silent Hill project. One of the biggest rumors is that Silent Hill will get a reboot for the PlayStation 5 and some key members of the original development ground Team Silent will be working on the project. The game was supposed to be released last week, after the PlayStation 5 video game lineup stream, the event came without mentioning Silent Hill or Konami and we are still waiting for the title to be confirmed.

Source: Gamesdar

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