Sponge Square Pants ‘Outdated’

Sponge Squarepants Gay? Or is he a miracle? Or is he, in fact, just an ordinary sponge?

Nickelodeon started the frenzy over the weekend with a Pride tweet that proudly featured the character of the queer with the bisexual lead of King Legend of Corey Titular as well as the famous small hole bearer. For lots of happy and joyful fans on Twitter, it was positive evidence of long-held theories about sponge sex. (E.g., he is gay others) As others have noted, SpongeBob creator Stephen Helenburg once described Suspender-Claude Fry Cook as a miracle – although this statement seemed less of a character’s sexuality than a bikini button-like blanket claim as a city, a sexual opportunity. Exists outside. So what is the truth?

The question of the sexuality of Spain Square Pants goes back to more than a decade-old controversy, fueled by anti-gay Christian panic that targeted several childcare events. In an instant, Spo was effectively “expelled” in 2002. The question of the sexuality of carts and cartoon characters may seem trivial, especially since the controversy surrounding the identity of Sponge is a permanent remnant of the culture war that has surpassed the astonishing amount of cultural dialogue of the 1990s. At first.


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