Soris Monfredi is the queen of Lethway Fighting

Soris Monfredi is well trained in various departments of warfare, including Lethway.

In his distinguished career, Manfredi, a native of Besancn, France, also participated in mixed marital arts, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Judo with Lethway.

Earlier this year, Manfredi set foot on the World Leithway Championship arena with a highlight-reel victory over Tran Thi Luo. The women’s bantamweight beauty pageant was held on January 31 at WLC11 from Thein Pew Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar: one of the live broadcast batbones at the UFC Fight Pass.

Acquiring the right to stream WLC events at the UFC Fight Pass has opened the door for more fans of the game to visit Queen Monfredi of Lethway.

Back in 2019, Manfredi won the WLC9: Eh Yanut for the first time in August in the best-created women’s division with the King of the Nine Organs from the Thiri Indoor Stadium in Mandalay, Mandalay, Myanmar.

Soris Monfredi-eh Yanut make WLC history

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“I was dreaming of this goal,” he said in an interview with FightMag. “When the World Lathway Championships were called, I just said yes and it’s a great honor to be the first to fight in the women’s section and I want to do my best to show that they made the right choice in the way they want to support me.”

As he told Fight-Library during an earlier interview, Manfredi’s decision to sign with the WLC and compete at Lethway was easy.

“I loved fighting in Lathway, more than Muay Thai because I feel more without any gloves, head butt and my judo and BJJ background.”

Monfredi Tran Thi Lua takes out

Manfredi made a career-defined decision when he decided to fully commit himself to the sport.

“I did judo for a few years as a child and then there was nothing before I started MMA seven years ago. Then I did more Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, ”he said. “I was both competing, even fighting some MMA. But I had to choose to be able to reach the best level in a game. I like the ring, so I decided to focus on Muay Thai.

“Two and a half years ago I moved to Thailand to survive my warrior journey.”

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